When will the truth be heard? | Ali Velshi | MSNBC 1

When will the truth be heard? | Ali Velshi | MSNBC

Ali Velshi urges action from the Republican party against QAnon’s influence.

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    1. @Amin Jones you know, as someone who is familiar with Ivermectin you can’t try the bulls— lies on me.
      People who spread unfounded information about this stuff are responsible for the people who believe in those “miracle cures”, and try and treat themselves or their family resulting in injury or death.
      Like the 17 year old girl who went to a church youth party and caught COVID-19. Instead of taking her to the hospital, they tried the “miracle cures”, and the young lady died. That is just one of many instances of people not seeking medical care because of something they heard off the internet.

    2. @JustTrollingAlong citing Dr John Campbell’s translation of the foreign studies involving ivermectin treatment, and Dr. Corey’s ivermectin trials.
      Back to Noetics.
      Were pharmaceutical board members really on big media’s board(all but ABC)?

    3. @JustTrollingAlong Gary Bentley. “With the exception of CBS, every major media outlet in the United States shares at least one board member with at least one pharmaceutical company.”
      Okay. Now back to the nocebo.
      Laundry. Then Noetics. Make that work; study.
      I built a library that Hillman said, “only the greatest of artists can convey”. Backwards. Whole section on next level stuff. Working progress.

    4. @JustTrollingAlong power of intention, nocebo, it’s recorded and repeatable.
      Help me out.
      Big pharmaceutical is boosting ratings pushing the nocebo and a new market opens.
      So, I’m hungry, have choirs. Make it interesting. Please.

  1. Yeah, because after radicalizing their voters for decades, inciting a fascist coup attempt, and then doubling-down on all the stupid lies and propaganda it took to get the Party where it is today, They will just say “No more” or , “Lets stand for what’s right for this country and our voters.”

  2. Please! Have Katie Hobbs On!
    I’m wondering! What has happened to all
    “THE BIG LIE” Reporting?
    Remember Everyone!
    1. Biden won the CLEANEST MOST SECURE! Election in Presidential History!
    2. Biden got the most Votes in Presidential Election History!
    3. Biden is The Most Popular President Of All Time!

  3. They showed a lady holding a sign that said no forced vaccinations. Im not sure why they would choose that pic….i mean only fascists would attempt to force vaccines and disregard Bodily autonomy. No forced vaccines is a GOOD thing sheesh!

  4. People who stop and look at the evidence and are convinced something is wrong are not delusional. You will never hear the truth from those trying to hide it.

  5. The Republican Party’s House of cards built on lies will topple over under its own weight.

    Hopefully it won’t take too long.

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