Where is Kenney? Alta. premier under fire as cases climb 1

Where is Kenney? Alta. premier under fire as cases climb


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    1. He just drinks on work time under our tax dollars anyways. Why take a vacation when u just work with your friends and can get drunk at work

  1. We need mandatory double masks at all times if out of your home or millions will die from the delta variant !!!

    1. @flerry ann abarca yes I follow the science and the worlds best doctors like Doctor Fauci and Doctor Jill Biden have confirmed that double masks offer the best protection!

    2. PCR can’t even distinguish between variants… funny how you fell for a virus that there’s no test for

    3. But Here in BC Those Crummy Masks Don’t Even Block The Smell of Forest Fire Smoke, I Doubt They Would Be Effective Against Anything .

    1. @Wes Ducharme that’s since the pandemic began. I meant since “Delta” and the “4th wave”. They never show death counts anymore because the death counts are close to none.

  2. Kenny is a madman and a menace to Albertans his incompetence knows no bounds. Where is the recall legislation??? 1&done

    1. both H1N1 and the SwineFluWereHoaxes perpetrated by Big Pharma and WHO… full me once, shame on you… full me twice, shame on me … so how many times do we have to fall for the same trick before we finally get it?

  3. Typical CONservative! Runs away when the citizens they are supposed to be representing are struggling and suffering.

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