Where is the $124m Transferred to the JCTE? | TVJ News - Oct 14 2021 1

Where is the $124m Transferred to the JCTE? | TVJ News – Oct 14 2021


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  1. If these people know they are going to be investigate persecute change, and put in prison they would never do what they are doing, but they know this will just draw out, fade away on they will transfer to a different department and still getting paid, Jamaica is in big trouble, and I hope the Jamaican people are watching.

  2. Why isn’t anyone asking why they created the JCTE as a private company in the first place? Did they incorporate a private company solely for the purpose of escaping government oversight? In other words, could someone really have created JCTE solely for the purpose of stealing taxpayer money?

  3. Another nine days wonder. nothing will come of this and all who is involved will be place on leave with pay making more money than when they are actually at work. then they will advise whoever is put in place to do the same. remember we are dealing with Ali-ba-ba and the thirty thieves

  4. This is not the first-time money has walked away in Jamaica surrounding by government officials
    This is always funny to me growing up

  5. These are the things Jamaicans need to demonstrate about throughout the 14 parishes
    When are we going to stand up for real justice in this country

  6. Smh…Long leave on 3/4 of their pays…Then it will be drawn out until and then vanishes into tin air…Now if it was a little streets or ghetto youth…maybe he would be shot and killed if him look at that amount of money too hard or too long .

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