1. Don’t worry guys, we have Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau in charge during these trying times

    What could possibly go wrong?

    1. At least military’s general had time to chose their preferred pronoun. They are ready to face the Russian if needed

  2. I think everytime Zeleinsky opens his A..people start doubting just remember WOD in Iraq libia Siria Afghanistan Yougoslavia do I need to continue 🤔 let them fight they want war well fight stop crying

  3. It doesn’t look like there’s any intension on stopping this war.
    So so sad for all losing their lives and being in the mix of Politics.
    I’m my view there’s always negotiations if both parties are willing to give and take.
    Please don’t respond by saying Russia doesn’t want to negotiate because you’ll show your intelligence.
    I’m neutral because I don’t know anything.

  4. Ukraine starting to be greedy.
    Give them everything, provide everything, being neutral but Demanding guarantees from nato.
    That’s basically like having security of nato member without any usual expenses what members have – that’s not neutrality.

  5. Lol 😆 🤣 😂. He calls for weapons after shelling and 14000 civilians deaths in 8 years.

  6. 9752 views and 89 likes LOL ..F@#% Ukraine you poked the Bear to many times ,Now you’re paying for it.

    1. please entertain me on what they did to Russia. There’s hundreds of russian bots trying to make Ukraine the bad guy LOL.

  7. You can see how nervous Zelensky is. He knows.. this war will not end well for him.

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