'Where is the President?': Keilar presses White House official over Afghanistan 1

‘Where is the President?’: Keilar presses White House official over Afghanistan


CNN's Brianna Keilar presses deputy national security adviser Jonathan Finer on when the nation can expect to hear from President Biden following Afghanistan's capital, Kabul, falling to the Taliban. #CNN #News


  1. Wasted 20 years of tax payers money and sacrifice our soldier. We didn’t bring peace and democracy to Afghanistan. We wasted 20 years. Vietnam 2.0. Pray for the people

    1. Jesus is coming to RAPTURE His believers soon, you don’t want to be left behind when God pours out His wrath on a wicked rebellious world. His judgment has begun. Call on Jesus while you can

      If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. Romans 10:9
      Jesus died for our sins, was buried, and rose 3 days later
      God bless everyone in the name of Jesus

    2. @Simone R I do not think that was the rationale for this. BUt whatever. Since you allow yourself to pretend to know better than anyone, about a very complicated issue, that spans through several US presidencies, both Republican and Democrat, you might continue to allow yourself to display, for all of us to witness, your total ignorance and prejudice. Considering what is at stake, your behavior is shameful and vile.

    3. WOW! Ha! America First…second and third? And fourth for good measure? Let’s see those who voted him for reasons of morality show their faces and admit their disappointment. Let’s see who has humility.

    4. What I don’t get is the Taliban took over without a fight from the Afghan Army, the minute We left, they just gave up it seems.

  2. So, he still didn’t answer her question: how are they going to get those select people safely to the airport?

    1. WOW! Ha! America First…second and third? And fourth for good measure? Let’s see those who voted him for reasons of morality show their faces and admit their disappointment. Let’s see who has humility.

    1. @Sledzeppelin CNN have done nothing but protect Bden. This is an occasion where they have no choice but to report without lying, because the world can see what is happening there.

    2. @Savlo Savage right blame it on trump. That muppet don’t have a clue what he’s doing. Hasnt done so in 47 years and is not about to start now.

    3. @Dagoth Ur Protect Biden from what? Moronic accusations that he banned Dr. Seuss? Misguided hysteria about the vaccine?

    1. @aZebroadcast That was freaky? I ready your comment whith the news on and as I read “door to door” the reporter said “door to door” just as I was reading it?

    2. *F A T F Terrorist — I M F Terrorist —– C I A Terrorist*
      *America Army Terrorist — India Army Terrorist — Germany Army Terrorist*
      *bartaniya country Terrorist — England country Terrorist — European Countries Terrorist*

    3. A new captivity based on religion. That’s why religion is dangerous. I hope the entire world places an embargo of Afghanistan. Starve them out. Oh well

    1. @Johnny Ma
      Hi !…. I’m Joe Biden….

      …and I can now confirm that
      “The Ukraine” has
      “finally” called, to “congratulate”
      me, on my “strange” victory….

      I’m releasing their “funds”,
      next week……………..

    2. @august spring
      Wow !…

      I hear there is “tuition assistance”
      (bail money) available to many
      “underpriveleged arsonists”
      through the programs of the
      “kam harris/blm/barrel-o-monkeys”
      organization !…

    3. Hi !…. I’m Joe Biden….

      ..and “progressive” social policies
      give YOU GREATER “CHOICE”…

      Whats behind bathroom door #1 ?…

      Whats behind bathroom door #2 ?…


      DOOR #3 !!!???”…..….

  3. l wonder what excuse Joe Biden is going to come up with? It’s pointless trying to blame Donald Trump because Biden was a politician when the US first landed in Afghanistan and for 8 years was Vice President during Obama’s presidency.

    1. @Michelle Byrd I mean at this point there is no debate that Biden has severe cognitive problems and its some form of Dementia!!!!

    2. @Michelle Byrd Dementia Joe Teleprompter wouldn’t take questions just a minute ago about a very serious problem with Afghanistan!!! Now little sheep why do you suppose DEMENTIA JOE wouldn’t take questions ?????????

    3. @Sleep_Paralysis_King what Biden did let the Taliban take control of a military airfield and billions (not millions) billions of dollars of American military equipment paid by tax payers dollars…the Taliban as we speak are driving around in American tanks wearing American armor and going house to house killing…this is far more serious than anything trump did.

  4. “Biden has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.” -Robert Gates Obama’s Defense Secretary (2014)

    1. It wouldn’t have mattered who withdrew troops from Afghanistan, it was a hot mess the moment Bush sent troops there, it was always going to be messy withdrawing them. That’s what happens when withdrawing from unresolved wars, the enemy just walks back in.

    2. @Empire Compilation Videos
      Trump had a plan in place and was pulling Troops out gradually.
      Biden is put in the Whitehouse and starts scraping Trump’s policies, including the date for complete withdrawal. Biden pushed the date from June to September 11th as a political move.
      He wanted to take all the credit from Trump for ending that war.
      – 40,000 jobs, plus 36,000 projected LOST in Biden’s 1st day in office, by shutting down the KeyStone pipeline, which started the gas hikes.
      By the way, Biden begged OPEC to pump extra oil to help alleviate Biden’s inflation and they basically told him to “f*#ck off”.
      – Reversal on the sanctions by Trump on Russian energy distribution in Europe.
      – Reversal of Trump’s border and immigration policies.
      Now, we have an open border and records are being broken in a monthly basis with illegal crossings.
      – Illegals are permitted to come in at will, regardless of Covid cases, while Biden’s administration imposes restrictions on US citizens and legal residents.
      – Illegals are being bused and flown all over the country and Biden’s DOJ is actually suing Texas, over Texas ordering its cops to stop illegal migrants.

      I, myself, I’m a LEGAL LATINO MIGRANT TURNED US CITIZEN, and I cannot believe the craziness that people like yourself support and defend.
      I don’t see any bright light in America’s future.
      Whoever gets into power after this freaking mess, will be doomed to fail regardless, and it’s ONLY been 8 months!

  5. If CNN keeps this up, they will be upsetting the Biden Admin. and eventually will reach a point of no return. Curious to see what happens then.

    1. @Iliya Ivanov Biden sure isn’t Trump!!! Biden is barely hanging on mentally and is handling Afghanistan like he is handling the coronavirus!!!!!!!!!! NO QUESTIONS DEMENTIA JOE TELEPROMPTER!!!!!!

    2. Hope Briana doesnt get fired for this. I’m not at all a fan of her, but it would be disappointing to see her fired for finally acting like a real journalist

    3. @Dementia Joe Kid Touch
      Just not YOURS for America 1st! Insulting people. ON CNNS MEDIA PAGE. ON YOUTUBE. A media outlet.
      You have news from 1 man unquestioned.
      I’m just a regular person in Boston media. PAGE 1 ON A DESK.

    4. @Dementia Joe Kid Touch
      Just not for thee.
      Only I can say what you see.
      I’m maga. I get to be executioner judge, and jury. RIGHT?

  6. Hahaha, Joe Biden is busy practicing and reading the teleprompter for his National Address in two weeks.

    1. Yeah, the one where he calls Americans the greatest national security threat to his Chicom regime… And CNN

  7. Don Lemon, Chris Cuomo and Brian Stelter will explain how the man they promoted is doing great things.

    1. @Black Queen
      Trump had a plan in place, Biden scraped it and pushed the evacuation date to September 11th as a political move.
      He wanted to take all the credit for ending that war, instead of crediting Trump, but it backfired “BIGLY”.
      Obama’s ex ambassador in Afghanistan was criticizing Biden’s handling of this situation for weeks now. So, leave Trump out of this, hon.

    2. @Black Queen Bringing our troops home could have been and would have been managed much better under just about any other previous president. Many saw this happening weeks ago and predicted it. Watch Joe Biden speak ignorantly about it, there are plenty of videos. He will go down as the worst President ever. I am truly scared of how much more damage he can do in three and a half more years.

    3. They see the value of this story…. Maricopa county’s audit results will be coming out this week or next. They can ignore reporting on that

    1. Biden’s incompetence doesnt counter Trmups stupidity and incompetence.

      BIDEN needs to show his fucking face on this.

    2. @2Xcitizen Trump stupid and incompetent? Really? And I guess you think that Obama was a hero and a saviour! Get a brain! Or have the intellectual courage to see through what OBAMA did!!! This is OBAMA third term and OBAMA loves some humanitarian crisis, isn’t it? Was it not incompetent and stupid the way OBAMA handled ISIS and Syria and particularly LIBYA??? Have the guts to speak out about your favs wrongdoing!!!

    3. @2Xcitizen Bden has done more damage at home and abroad in 6 months, than most presidents in 4+ years, I don’t think he’ll counter any other’s poor decisions

    4. @SteveV74 Little boy Biden dismantled all of Trumps policies so nice try saying that he just thought he had to follow Trumps plan!!!! Biden made his own dementia plan!!!!!!

  8. Bless our troops and American citizens. May thoses who flee out of fear that they all find a way out.


    2. @Joe Biden is Your President!!!!! Get Over it!!!!! and he probably would’ve if people 6’ft under hadn’t risen

    3. @Roxie A Robinson
      “The media is the enemy of free people” President Trump 2.24.17.
      I’M just a regular person in Boston media. Fight media wars 4USA ON A DESK. PAGE 1. DAY1 US HISTORY CLASS.
      John Adams got some soldiers off.
      I guess it wasnt a massacre after all!
      Just FakeNewZ.
      The king will be joining us. Wheneva.

  9. America has been helping Afghanistan for 20 years. When are the Afghan people going to help themselves?

  10. This national security adviser Jonathan Finer is evasive, not answering the question but merely BS throughout this interview!

    1. Guess we weren’t listening to the questions eh? he answered her questions quite clearly.. hit rewind.

  11. This guy acts like it’s going to be the most organized event ever when in reality it is a complete cluster

  12. *President Biden is already back to Camp David to “monitor the situation”, which is a code for “sleep through the day”…*

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