Where political power moved in the 2020 Census 1

Where political power moved in the 2020 Census


Southern and Western states saw the most growth over the past 10 years according to the US Census Bureau, and they gained congressional seats because of it. In this latest episode of The Point, CNN’s Chris Cillizza explains who gained (and lost) the most from reapportionment, and what this means for political power going forward.


Census Bureau announces 331 million people in US, Texas will add two congressional seats

A churning Golden State on the eve of new population numbers

California is about to lose a seat in Congress for the first time. Texas will gain 2

Why Texas will soon be the most politically important state

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Writer: Chris Cillizza
Producer: Paul Dwyer
The Point Editor: Leigh Munsil
Video Editor: Steven Sevilla

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    1. Chris, biden is an embarrassment to the USA and the laughing stick of the world. His 1st fake press conference clinched it. But does your producer kick you square in the nuts before each show to make your voice so high,? Are there any openings for this position?

    2. @NPC-TardLivesMatter if you watched the video you would have seen him mention that democrats are gaining in the state. That’s bad news for conservatives as they will be outnumbered and have to watch their own state, much like Georgia, flip blue. You are trolling cnn on a youtube video thinking that’s owning the libs. Fucking clean your act up.

    3. Chris – you consistently stay on point, and I just knew you’d get around to this subject. I don’t have anything to add to the electoral college argument as it was expected that California and New York would lose congressional seats because many people are fleeing those two states. The two states are too crowded and overtaxed. I think once COVID is behind us and the infrastructure bill passes, jobs will become plentiful, and then people will return to the Big Apple. They’ll miss the rich culture and happenings of New York life. New York will always be a trendsetter and a place where people easily find their life’s calling. New York is still the world’s HQ of everything!

      Most of the people leaving New York seem to relocated to Florida. For the life of me, why would they want go to Florida? Texas and Florida have no state taxes could be a major reason; however, their property taxes and housing cost is going to go sky high because of supply and demand. Besides, Florida will be under water in less than a decade due to global warming.

      Because a few Republican states picked up a few congressional seats don’t translate into a sure win for GOP presidential/congressional candidates, even though redistricting is in their favor. Many of the rich liberals leaving California are settling in Texas, Oregon and Nevada. I live out west and I can feel the sudden increase in population of the state I live in. Henceforth, Senate and House will be very closely divided for the next two decades.

      If the Asians are truly strategic about American politics, they’d all stick with the Democratic Party because they’d have a fair chance of sharing power and being on a presidential ticket. The whites in the Republican party will never allow an Asian on the ticket or dictate any domestic policies other than taxes. I believe a Hispanic could be a GOP VP but never a president. And of course, an Asian would have a better shot at being a GOP VP than a black person, meaning there won’t ever be a black or Asian on a GOP ticket for at least two decades, unless they purge the white extremists, which will never happen anytime soon.

    4. I think he’s realized that his support comes from a different demographic than it did when he was running for the Senate with voters from just one state. And as Vice President we didn’t really see him much at all. Now he’s got the steering wheel.

  1. I know this is a short segment, but knowing how gerrymandering is likely to distort this shift would be very helpful.

    1. @Robert R ??? CNN’s ‘own’ Technical Director Charlie Chester ‘admitting’ what CNN ‘is’ and how they operate is propaganda? Why are you conditioned to hate Fox so much? Perhaps CNN’s propaganda has something to do with it. You know they have Democrats on their panels on their shows? Tulsi Gabbard, Marie Harff, Donna Brazil, Jessica Tarlov, Glen Greenwald and more. Have you watch Fox Sunday with Chris Wallace who is a Democrat? CNN has scared their viewers so much on how bad Fox is when they are not that bad. If you don’t like their opinion hosts, don’t watch them. I despise that partisan Hannity. Tucker – who is an opinion host – has flaws but he does some good on the ground reporting. There is Harris Faulkner, Brett Bair, Chris Wallace, and other news shows on Fox. Mark Zuckerberg was even interviewed on Dana Perinos show just last year. Substack, The Hill, Ruptly, Fox News, AP, CBS, Daily Wire, Secular Talk, Jimmy Dore, and Kim Iverson are some channel’s I watch to keep me informed. Project Veritas has caught CNN for the first time admitting what they are on video. And CNN has not said a word about the videos to prevent their indoctrinated viewers from seeing it. Watch. The. Videos.

    2. @Nullhawk I’ve listened to the reasons many have given and while they claim it’s because of liberalism, their actual listed reasons were capitalism. As in they will blame the liberal government there, but then list reasons that come from living in a capitalist society. Many cite the high cost of living in Los Angeles or San Francisco. Last I checked the cost of living isn’t set by the government. Meanwhile they move here to Texas with the same willingness to overpay for everything, thereby raising prices here. Only this time they can’t blame a liberal government when they can’t afford the rent. Many are also moving to Arizona, Sacramento, and New Mexico because the home prices are lower. But they will swear up and down that California had gotten too liberal for them to stay. Yeah right.

    3. @delor b I know of several off hand that for the reasoning of the geopolitical climate they wanted to move, they cited restrictive gun laws to public school ideologies being taught in districts 9 -20 and 50 -52. All in all, who are we to judge what other’s claim as their reasoning @delor b?

      If we question the honesty of their message, why even poll them, why not continue to harness our own biases and simply subject them to our reasoning for their migration? Sounds pretty brazen for any of us to assume another’s personal reasons for uprooting their lives.

  2. MY OWN POINT !!! That Good’ole’ American values, respect for authority, and respect for ‘ALL’ people, ‘REPLACE’ the aggression, lies, bigotry and lawlessness AMERICA recently witnessed.

    1. @Harry Watts FROM the Republican party which has been brainwashing its followers for decades now. With Reagan in the 1980’s they got the brilliant idea to blend themselves with another completely brainwashed group, ‘conservative Christians’ or the ‘moral majority’ or the ‘evangelical Christians’. Hence the birth of the modern GOP. And this is now a dangerous political party, with religious backing, that is thoroughly convinced ANYTHING they propose or actually do is not just legal – but God’s will. So much for the Founding Fathers attempts to keep religion out of our government.

    2. @B Storm my father engaged in peaceful protest during the civil rights movement and he disliked reagan.

  3. If you find yourself wondering about whether or not politicians actually care, all you have to look at is the title of this video. It’s all about power and control.

  4. I am a HUGE political nerd myself!! THAT’S why I am here!! Here in Michigan, where I believe we LOST a seat, I never miss your show!!

    1. @doubleweek just because they look eight doesn’t mean they are eight, and if she is eight, that doesn’t mean she can’t be into politics.

  5. Your topics of conversation is interesting to me knowing wat to expect in the political battles yet to come

  6. I enjoy the somewhat meme-like nature of this segment. Even though there isn’t too much fancy graphics, your video is worth watching instead of just minimizing and listening to you talk.

  7. Oh, I definitely tune in to see the nifty sartorial elegance! And the political banter isn’t bad either. 🙂

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