Where was Kenney? New documents shed light on his weeks-long summer vacation | COVID-19 in Alberta


  1. I’m super done with all the virtuous on camera hand sanitizer shots. We all know you put the mask on seconds before going on air!

    1. Yep see the video I posted called really really really
      It’s all the dip shits standing there without mask waiting for news conference then rushing to put them on

    1. @lionel hutchinson they didn’t. Instead of worrying about who changed sides worry about Kenny notley and Trudeau. They were the ones that fucked you not wildrose

  2. Just have to say when I’m on vacation I don’t check in at work even once, and I’m the boss. I , much like any other boss have subordinates that are assigned duties while I’m gone. Decisions are still made in my absence. We all deserve vacation no matter your position.

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