'Where's the fairness?' Sarnia's mayor outraged by U.S. border rules for Canadians 1

‘Where’s the fairness?’ Sarnia’s mayor outraged by U.S. border rules for Canadians

Sarnia Mayor Mike Bradley is outraged that the U.S. has extended border restrictions on Canadians, despite Canada easing rules for Americans.

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    1. @Steve S Is he wrong? I don’t have any issues with him repeating that rhetoric as in turn all these fools continuously repeat themselves with “Keep the border closed”. Wake up.

  1. This mayor is a clown. Who wants to go the USA when the delta variant is running rampant??? Keep the Americans out

    1. @Primmakin Sofis … I truly hope and pray you get the delta variant and see who’s a paranoid hypochondriac….***fart***

  2. Well……Canadians were dancing in the streets when Biden was elected. Keep on dancing…………

    1. You’re right. We should have kept the border closed to Canadians indefinitely.

      Heck, let’s stop all trade! American maple syrup is sweeter anyway.

  3. Trumpers must be 100% scanned and tested for CV19 and mental illness before entering to Canada
    Keep it safe!

  4. This guy’s drank the Kool Aid so badly he presents the word salad of the perfectly brainwashed.

  5. Remember when Rappers Delight came out ? A hip hop , a hobbit to the Hobert but spell check won’t let me spell the real words , but that catchy rhyme was awesome , like if you’re girl starts acting up , then you take you’re friend , who would think ? Today I’m up there in age but like fine wine we get wiser , wine don’t get wise but tastes better , Rappers Delight did change the world and was a great story thank you for hearing me out all the best 🙂

    1. How did that have to do with any of this? Thank you for your words but I don’t see the connection unfortunately.

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