1. it’s not bad, it’s just very expensive and Americans cry whenever they hear “raising taxes” . Nothing is free, you get what you pay for, so if you want everyone to have universal health care, then everyone needs to pay for it, simple as that. I’m Canadian, our taxes are high, it is what it is..

  1. Um 21 out of 29 years have been in the minority. Sounds like the Democratic party he’s talking to is incompetent and Bernie Sanders is exactly what we need.

    1. There was a time when democrats DOMINATED congress. Bring those democrats back. From the FDR era from the 1930s through the 1970s, the democrats controlled congress the vast majority of the time. At times they had huge margins in both houses.

    2. @Brandon C. actually during FDR’S “16” years, 12 of those had supermajority in congress. The other 4 years must normal majorities in house and senate

    3. @Muhammad Ahmed Democrats used to be good at winning local elections. There were times when they also dominated the governors mansions. In the mid to late 1970s, they had like 35 to 15 advantages with the governorships or something close to it. My how times have changed. Democrats were like controlling between 32 and 37 governorships at times at the most extremes.


  2. The “disconnect” is that all of the pundits are RICH and the electorate is NOT. This isn’t rocket science ya rich pricks

    1. James Ryan Genuine question for you. If Bernie won as President, how will he get his ideas passed and implemented with a majority Republican Senate?

  3. Sounds like the Democrats are worried about how a progressive would effect their kickbacks and expensive lunches by lobby groups.

  4. Boomer Politicians: Bernie Sanders on top of ticket will lose other seats for Democrats

    Majority of Voters: We really like and trust Bernie Sanders!!

  5. He’s talked to the parties on both sides and they are worried about Bernie being ahead! I suppose they aren’t worried about Trump! Good grief. No wonder our young folks want Bernie.

    1. I talk to the young ones staffing a local nursing home about Bernie. They are all on board for no more endless war.

    2. @David Webb no one cares about your feelings.
      The facts tell us that the wall is almost a 100% useless.

      And yes, the democrats said there was no crisis at the border…as there was no crisis at the border.

      Until Trump created one. And idiots believed him when he said it wasn’t because of him.

      That corporate democrats caved to Trump and gave him that money is one of the reasons so many people vote for Sanders.

      So…if you want me to go into a corner…make me.
      Someone believing Trumps lies is in no position to command me.

    1. @Joe Shaloom just wait and see how you like communism when the government has everything and nobody else has nothing

    1. @P A Is Hillary Clinton President? Keep telling yourself that she won.
      Just like the democratic party is trying to do to Bernie right now, the popular vote does not matter

    2. @Konstantin Krastev Hillary lost the elections by stupidity .. Trump did not want to be president .. Remember his face at the white house with Obama the first day… He was surprised that she lost and that he won .. Doe not matter now ….. Trump won’t be there in few month anysay …
      He never pass the Bar of 50% in the polls .. He is just a loser and big liar for the last 50 yer of his life … Suspected criminal activity among Trump associates, colleagues is unbelievable and unstoppable ….Guess what ? “Show me who your friends are and I tell you what you are !!!!!!

    3. Chris: No, she didn’t. As the electoral votes that made Trump president were being tallied in Congress in January, 2017, there were two more Democratic senators and six more Democratic House members than before November, 2016, when Hillary was at the top of the ticket. Dems are not going to do much better than that (thanks to gerrymandering and the unwillingness of certain strong possible Dem. Senate candidates to run) in 2020. Yes, there is the possibility of a 53-47 split for the Dems in the Senate if every close race falls in their direction, but they are more likely to end up with 49, 50, or 51 seats, not more. It is hard to imagine a pick-up of more than ten seats in the House, given that there are very few districts left in which Republicans won in 2018 by small margins. There are tons of districts, among the 40 they picked up in 2018, in which Dems will be hard-pressed to win again. Not saying that Bernie will motivate more Democrats to come out and vote or that Biden will, but you can’t blame Hillary for “down-ballot carnage” (could we leave _carnage_ out of our vocabularies when not referring to wars or ethnic cleansing, Pres. Trump and Rep. Clyburn?) when there was none on the federal level in 2016.

    4. @P A You can’t have it both ways. If Trump did not want to be president, why did he accept illegal help from the Russian government to become president? If he didn’t run to the FBI with the evidence that the Russian gov’t was interfering, he wanted to become president all right. You think he was any more enamored of losing in 2016 than he is now? Surprised he won, yes. Not wanting to win? No.

  6. Look at the Establishment crying and whining.They brought this on by ignoring the real needs of real people.

    1. Jonn Cockerel….you got it! Thanks to such a wack job of a president we have now, that most people are asking themselves “ How the hell did we get Hilary?” Now they are saying out Loud…” We won’t make that mistake again…Bernie 2020!!!!! “

  7. Clyburn is helping protect the cash/gig flow of the DNC’s hacks. He does remember that MLK was a democratic socialist, right?

    1. Tim – At the same time, if Bernie gets the nomination Trump will win, because the party is split. Right now Bernie is only winning with about 30% of the democratic voters, and the other 70% are split. Most of the party are moderates and aren’t buying Bernie’s socialism. The majority of the party doesn’t like Biden either, and like you mentioned, if he is given the nomination with super delegates, you Bernie people are gonna be pissed and not vote for him. More people like Bernie than any of the other candidates, and if he has the most votes, he deserves the nomination, is the way I look at it. If he can’t get the moderates which make up the majority of the party and loses to Trump, so be it. I’m voting Trump, but hate to see Bernie get cheated once again by these DNC crooks.

    2. kay armstrong yet everybody know he’s progressing their love for the guy when they don’t believe in his political message

    3. Solomon Flores Jr nop but endorsing Biden who’s been on the wrong side of history on so many issues, spent his career serving corporate America, can’t stop lying about his involvement in the civil rights movement(he’s was caught back in 88 and stopped but started lying again during this cycle)… means you’re a political hack

  8. If the representatives followed the will of their constituents then they would have nothing to fear. Plain and simple

    1. Following the will of their constituents, means leaving behind that billionaire money…. That aint gona happen.

  9. There is absolutely no evidence backing that theory up , Bernie would energize the Democratic party not bring it down !!!

    1. @David Webb
      None including Bernie have devulged details.
      Biden l can guarantee promises the most data, but the debate organizers haven’t afforded Biden the courtesy to speak.

    2. @Popermen
      When l spoke of the modern Democratic agenda, l was referring to common interests regarding climate change and health care.
      Green energy development and infrastructure improvements, not mid term elections.

    1. Mister Sarajevo lol Bernie has done more for civil rights than Biden who won’t stop lying about his involvement

  10. The moderate Democrats have the DNC behind them, while Bernie Sanders has the people of the United States behind them. Let us see who wins. Bernie 2020

    1. @henry thy VIII what I was referring to by moderate Democrat is a term that’s being used a lot in the news referring to people who follow more the traditional views of the Democratic party. As you may know Bernie describes himself as a Democratic socialist with his plan such as healthcare for all and etc. With the more I’ve looked into politics over the past few years I’ve realized that within the parties there is still variation on the the type of Democrat. Neither are bad opinions just one is pushing for a bit stronger change. For a direct example as I mentioned Bernie is going for Medicare for all while most of the moderates are going for a healthcare plan that doesn’t eliminate private insurance etc.

    2. @oShane Kasper You’re right that’s a very broad statement of me. Allow me to correct, a majority of the votes from the caucuses and primaries that have already occurred have been behind Bernie Sanders, not the US people as a whole. But on that note, I do believe there is a difference between a democratic socialist and a socialist.

  11. none of them seem to get that if a “moderate” drops out, they’re not going to consolidate the way they expect. biden, for example, falling away won’t hurt bernie by piling on klobuchar or bittigieg, joe supporters overwhelmingly say bernie is their number 2, making him win by larger margins. bernie also comfortably beats everyone else in head to heads.

    bernie wins. that’s all there is to it.

    1. @Bananaman9000 I feel like you don’t know what communism is…the same case happened when walmart opened stores in Germany…since Germany is a strong Union country and strong worker rights and regulations to protect small businesses. The Americans started yelling commies…walmart couldnt keep up with that and they left Germany

    2. @Bananaman9000 Who is communist? What is communis? Pls don’t jus say repeat what the establishment media tells you…do your own research. I respect you choice of being Republican…isn’t it Trump big fan of Putin and the north Korean president who also happen to be communist?

  12. Who are these “they”-people that they say are “worried” about Bernie Sanders? 75% of the democrats are enthusiastic with him!!

    *Bernie Sanders 2020 y’all!!! *

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