Which direction does the Conservative Party go from here? 1

Which direction does the Conservative Party go from here?


Conservative MP Michelle Rempel Garner on what went wrong for the Conservative Party and the future of Erin O'Toole as party leader.

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    1. @Brian Vanderkley yah there’s minor differences now. But I still wouldn’t vote for PPC. Either way Trudeau is the most corrupt PM I’ve seen in Canada.

  1. If 65% of the parties supported violating people’s basic human rights, does that mean all parties should now adopt the same position? I don’t understand that logic. If all parties just align on the issues, what’s the point to have different parties? We need more opposition to these draconian policies, not less.

    1. Canada is the most progressive G7 country.
      Over 60% of Canadians voted for progressive parties.
      Bloc Québécois

    1. @Marilyn McCall Well she had to learn how to avoid talking about a subject because last time she spoke openly she said Canada wouldn’t have vaccines until 2030

  2. LOL!! Listening to Rempel is really laughable as she double talks her way through the interview. Talk about Trumpian speak!!!

  3. You should have started the interview off with ‘Do you support Erin O’Toole as leader?’ That way her evasion of all your questions would not have been a surprise. To be honest, she sounded like the election hadn’t happened yet and she was just sticking to the conservative talking points.

    1. You have no sense of humour…Giggle of the day …Why you can NOT use ” Case Numbers ” …New Brunswick( population 1 million ) JUST entered LOCK DOWN . 1 death ( 72 year old ) , 61 new cases Total number of active cases at 580; ** hospitalisations at 32** ; 13 in intensive care ..not even a rounding error … ROFL … we pay these ding bats

  4. WE WANT Pierre Poilievre!!!! Your scared to say… Michelle… and the only reason is because your backing baby face O TOOL…
    You already know most of the right wing isn’t happy where O TOOL is taking the party currently.. I hope the PPC drives you into the ground if you keep O tOOL…

    1. Yeah, what an illogical statement. They did worse then they did with Scheer as leader, a complete failure by all measures.

  5. O’toole switches sides like Kenney so no go ! It was determined from the start he wouldn’t win because he is a Liberal light not a conservative!

  6. Pierre Polivere is the strongest choice for a leader. I do think that the party will run a female leader, but Pierre is by far the best choice. OTool was never a winner.

  7. Time to disclose, copy and paste pictures of the living demons responsible for the thousands of unmarked graves at the Indigenous residential schools. Those monsters need to be prosecuted. A.S.A.P!

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