Whistleblower Alleges Hysterectomies, Abuse Of Detained Migrant Women – Day That Was | MSNBC

Whistleblower Alleges Hysterectomies, Abuse Of Detained Migrant Women - Day That Was | MSNBC 1


A whistleblower nurse and lawyers for detainees say women have been abused by a gynecologist working for an Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility in Georgia. Nurse Dawn Wooten and detainees’ lawyers said women described unnecessary gynecological procedures, including hysterectomies. Wooten says this happened even as other medical needs, including care and testing for COVID-19, were neglected. Aired on 09/15/2020.
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Whistleblower Alleges Hysterectomies, Abuse Of Detained Migrant Women – Day That Was | MSNBC

72 Comments on "Whistleblower Alleges Hysterectomies, Abuse Of Detained Migrant Women – Day That Was | MSNBC"

  1. Prison for anyone who had any involvement in this.

    • @Justin Fraioli only if the abortion is done in a back ally, and you are comparing apples and oranges. He is right you’re a hypocrite if you are ok with these women being sterilized.

    • Charlotte I never said I was ok with it, I just don’t believe anything without evidence. Example the supposed whistle blower said one woman was in pain after her exam. Which is normal after a vagina is forcefully dilated for an examination also there is no report of a hysterectomy mill happing there but only a few cases where supposedly some women don’t understand why they received the procedure. So let’s wait and see what an investigation finds before screaming it’s a crime for once.

    • yomama yodaddy didn’t they destroy the Berlin Wall? I’m pretty sure there was a good reason for that.

    • No no no not prison

      Give em the death penalty

    • Throw away the key…

  2. If this is true the International Criminal Court needs to charge some people with crimes against humanity.

    • @Sa. Hayes Forced sterilizations? It isn’t true. Unless there was some medical reason for it there is No F’Kin Way. Stop accepting it blindly when the media push the idea that America is evil. It isn’t. That’s the type of stuff Communist regimes do. We are not CHINA…yet. Not until democrats are in full control at least.

    • You don’t have to eat all these carbage the media throwing at you.

    • I agree.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised, Trump hired Elliot Abrams after William Barr helped get him out of war crimes for orchestrating the Mayan genocide in central America, worse than nazis atleast USA gave those genocide survivors immediate citizenship.

    • @Tina Draper Oh, stop it. That’s complete lies and propaganda. I wrote a whole essay on that conflict.

  3. Hysterectomy Description
    Hysterectomy is the surgical removal of the uterus. It may also involve the removal of the cervix, ovaries, Fallopian tubes, and other surrounding structures. Usually performed by a gynecologist, a hysterectomy may be total or partial. /Wikipedia

  4. CHAZAK EMERALD ARIE & JETT LLC | September 16, 2020 at 8:27 AM | Reply

    Lord please protect this nurse and these women.

    • If you wait for the Lord, that’s why the status quo, is what it is. You need to get involved.

    • Youve been lied to | September 16, 2020 at 1:54 PM | Reply


    • There is no “Lord”. It’s up to us to organize and stop them.

    • CHAZAK EMERALD ARIE & JETT LLC | September 16, 2020 at 2:29 PM | Reply

      @pleothid Keep your foolishness to yourself. You’re not helping with your hate for God. If you want to help, try forming a plan to stop this from happening. Don’t talk foolish to those who want to help. You make yourself part of the problem.

    • @CHAZAK EMERALD ARIE & JETT LLC Keep YOUR foolishness to YOURself.

      Not everyone believes as you do. Why, then, pray in a public forum such as YouTube? I don’t know what belief system you subscribe to, but if you’re Christian, the Bible explicitly prohibits that.

  5. Protect Whistleblowers! Speaking the truth shouldn’t be met with intimidation and reprisal, as is often the case.

    • @Paul Gotti Well, some try. Look at the impeachment whisteblower.
      NO evidence, claims they overheard something, they didn’t actually hear the conversation, we have the transcript and all the witnesses admit all they had was supposition.

      Let’s not pretend otherwise, shall we?

    • @C P So did Obama.

    • @Aethelbeorn yeah Obama signed that then preceded to go after whistleblowers and journalists more than any other administration he even went after whistleblowers from bushes adm. Search (obamas war on whistleblowers). And patriot act shouldn’t be amended it should be abolished.

    • Bi reprisals no, just a good old assskicking, no, traitors get firing squad

    • Arthur Reed Obama did not implement a child separation policy.

  6. She blew the whistle, she better talk fast and stay low !

  7. “if it was my family I would want someone to speak out”

  8. We got our own Mengeles.

  9. Ms. Wooten, thank you.

  10. This is so wrong they need to be put in jail for good..

  11. Oooh my God!!! This is horrifying, WTF Georgia! God bless the whistle blowers, may they be protected.

    • TRUMP ADMINISTRATION , not Georgia along

    • @The Wolf obviously Georgia is where it’s happening fool. This is like the Tuskegee experiment.

    • @The Wolf theres no way that ever happened unless it had to be done to save her life like to remove cancer or something.

    • @william brink Tuskegee Experiment, for syphilis, look it up. The Government has done medical experiments on marginalized populations in the past w/o their knowledge or consent and these were American Citizens, I would believe it could happen again, especially to women being deportated. What’s in it for that nurse to lie? God bless you, bro. I wish I could believe something better too, but the past often is a predictor of the future. 🇺🇸America can do better.

    • @RANU Support whats in it for the girl? Thats a dumb question, theres millions of political wack jobs thinking they can help their guy win by making up a crazy story right about now.

  12. You are a hero Dawn! Thank you for being brave and standing up for people who can’t stand up for themselves.

  13. dandagod official | September 16, 2020 at 12:00 PM | Reply


  14. Elections come and go. Some things should be wrong no matter who you vote for.

  15. OG God is good all the time Jewish Jesus is NOT GOD | September 16, 2020 at 12:10 PM | Reply

    Blow da whistle !

  16. WorldWithoutHate=PeaceOnEarth | September 16, 2020 at 12:30 PM | Reply

    Actually surprised if they did have a hysterectomy because it takes a long time to recover from that. They could be confused as to the procedure they received. A hysteroscopy, PAP, cervical screening, Colposcopy, endometrial biopsies do cause bruising and they are Very Painful but I have doubts they had a hysterectomy.
    You have to be put under for that surgery and they said they were awake so I have serious doubts.
    If the women did not consent then Yes that is ILLEGAL.

    • Ribshok Productions | September 16, 2020 at 5:52 PM | Reply

      WorldWithoutHate=PeaceOnEarth I would love to see a one of these supposed women’s scars from the surgeries they’re claiming have happened. I know for a fact that nobody was cut open and operated on to the point of organ removal, this report is disgusting propaganda.

    • Either you’re a man or you have a horrible gynecologist if you think bruising is normal for a PAP or cervical exam.

    • @Ribshok Productions I bet you would love that, better to have a doctor look instead of a demand from some person on youtube.

    • Get ready for Soylent Green Uterus they will be feeding people

    • WorldWithoutHate=PeaceOnEarth | September 16, 2020 at 10:47 PM | Reply

      @ThatLadyDray I am a woman and I would know whats normal and not normal. I have had many procedures over the past 22 years. I have to have paps, biopsies done 3 times a year bc Im high risk CC. Every woman is different.
      I bruise easily bc of auto immune issues, anemia and nutrient/vitamin deficiency.
      Google reviews of women who have had Colposcopys, endometrial biopsies without anesthesia. Most will agree it needs to be done with anesthesia bc its straight up torture.

  17. Power and prayers to you brave lady. Thank you for speaking up. Be safe and hope we can help these poor women who were treated so horribly.

  18. Dawn…thank you for your bravery, your courage to speak up. Your interview was inspiring in the mist of this darkness. You are a true hero.

  19. Thank You for being a human being and having a heart to listen to these ladies it’s a shame others ignore what is going on in these detention centers.

  20. The Mean Liberal | September 16, 2020 at 6:03 PM | Reply

    Absolutely *NOTHING* will be done about this. Count on it.

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