White House addresses coronavirus cases among West Wing staff | USA TODAY 1

White House addresses coronavirus cases among West Wing staff | USA TODAY


The White House has confirmed a second coronavirus case among West Wing staff, this time in VP Mike Pence's office.
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Multiple media reports said the staffer who tested positive is Katie Miller, Pence's press secretary and the wife of Stephen Miller, a senior adviser to President Donald Trump known for his hard-line stance on immigration.

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    1. yes. Everyone is at home (sometimes) so of course they are getting sick from home. (AFTER they go out shopping, or to work or getting visited by family…..) This is not surprising. Staying at home and but still going out or having people in means you are not truly quarantining yourself….. I’m surprised so few understand this.

    1. @Connie DeShazo that may be true depending on what mask you wear however, it’s much better to have some type of covering on your face (didn’t the Surgeon General say something about this) than to not have anything at all especially when Your Valet tested positive and you are surrounded by vulnerable elderly people.

    2. @Connie DeShazo but they are definitely an important tool to fight against this disease. would you prefer going out and see people wearing a mask or just see people walking without protection ?? even the medical mask is safe enough

  1. 3:26 It’s because people aren’t taking the proper precautions to protect themselves and to protect others when they’re out in the world. Even if you’re only leaving home for the utmost of essentials, you run the risk of encountering the virus and bringing it back home with you. An asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic spreader coughs or sneezes on a bag of apples, or wipes their nose and then picks up a bag of apples and puts it down to select another, and you come along behind him and grab that bag and bring it home. Boom. Corona.

    1. “So, what you’re saying is: don’t buy apples.”

      …No, Mr. President. That’s not… errr.. never mind…

    1. that one guy c we are not even close to a Great Depression. This is a walk in the compared to many things that have happened

    2. Everyone should be tested and get the results before the country open back up. Everyone should be mandated to wear a mask. I pray that I’m wrong but I won’t be surprised if the death toll triples in 2-3 weeks. At this pace 500,000 people will die by October. Donald is a murderer. 2% of America has been tested and your sending people back to work. Every Doctor on tv say this is the wrong thing to do. Dam I thought Donald was just a idiot, he fooled me, he’s also a murderer.

    3. @Teresa S these entitled morons cant even be safe now. Wut makes u think they’re gonna be safe wen they open up the country?

  2. Can’t such things happen using video conference? Why the people in government are so dumb to understand the word ‘Social Distancing’?

  3. “We’re now putting in place”…. shouldn’t that be… “We already had this in place for months”

  4. FREE HUGS NO MASK REQUIRED ❤️ die from a hug not a needle
    Btw: my one year old sons first words COVID1984

  5. Tossing live turkeys out of planes is called “being religious” in Arkansas.

  6. Yeah “They made the choice to come here” and risk getting infected by Orange Jesus…. It’s all thier fault not the demi-god…..

  7. Breaking news!! Ivanka’s assistant just tested positive. That makes three positive cases in the White House and you know there will be more.

  8. It’s like a song, this is the dawning of the age of government slavery surveillance.

  9. Whoever didn’t give the WH the memo about asymptomatic transmission, good job😁👍

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