White House Blasts Texas Abortion Law As 'Unconstitutional' 1

White House Blasts Texas Abortion Law As ‘Unconstitutional’


The Biden White House is blasting a Texas law banning all abortions past six weeks as unconstitutional. We discuss with Joyce Vance and Yamiche Alcindor.
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  1. Rich people will still get an abortion. Especially when a congressman or senator knock up their intern, and don’t want their own wife to know.

    1. @Kahlanna If you read the statute it essentially stopping anyone assisting including transporting a woman contemplating getting such a procedure. So the just catching a plane to somewhere else solution is impossible and dangerous for anyone one else directly or indirectly involved.

    2. @Willliam Fish. It only works in the state the bill is in, they can’t sue entities in other states became that violates interstate commerce laws. The problem is that if this unconstitutional law is passed in more states then the interstate commerce laws are weakened. If only republicans cared as much for the living citizens in this country as they do a zygote, then poverty would be gone overnight.

    3. @Bacardi Doggo were this is special is it allows anyone to sue anyone in Texas for aiding or even intending to aid someone in seeking a procedure. Therefore starting a suit against each of the members of the state senate who voted for this could be easily done.

    4. The debutantes and women of means will have a very clinical and covered up abortion by giving it another name like they did in the 60’s. Massive hypocrisy just to rile up the voter base. Now what distractive, emotional issue are they gonna use next, a forced religious state??

  2. I believe you need to play dirty now poor people if you want to make a quick buck just report the rich who can go round this law !!! I mean it’s not like you really need any proof that someone is pregnant !!!! If you know what I mean 🤨

    1. @Aaron Hashem We never had world peace, and women don’t get pregnant on their own. There’s always a man involved in that part of it. The problem is that so many only want that part of it, and not the baby that can result. They should suffer some punishment too. They should lie bleeding and in pain in a hospital bed and then pay to support the child IF they recover.

    2. @Tessmage Tessera did he? I never read his mind so I don’t know. You know thinking you can read the minds of others is a sign of psychosis, seek help

    3. @Wanda Setzer  the f33ble minded used to be involuntarily st3r!lized, back when the US actually had standards

    4. @I am jacks complete lack of surprise you could be right but it’s not going to be North versus South. It’s going to depend upon which party is the majority in Congress and also who the president is. If we go back to a Republican president in 2024 then I predict it’s going to be full blown Nazism because there are way too many parallels.

  3. 🧐: Joyce Vance, Yamiche Alcindor! 👍🏾

    It seems the 46th President, should have extended the seats, on the U.S. Supreme Court.

    1. @Hyper_Tex He didn’t pack the courts. Packing the court means adding seats so you can place partisans. A justice died so they had to be replaced.

    2. @Anon Unknown Facts shall never intrude on the miniscule mind of Hyper_Tex. All he understands is “ORANGE”…..”MAN”….”BAD”….

    1. @Mr. E No. It is not. Birth control CAN be free IF you can get an appointment with PP in some areas. Birth control methods can range anywhere from 0 to 1300, depending on the method. Condoms normally are the most cost effective means to prevent STDs but they aren’t as effective for pregnancies.

    2. @I am jacks complete lack of surprise They are spewing the same things I was told growing up. Birth control is free and can’t fail. If you get pregnant, it’s your fault as a woman.

    3. @Vescha LaHearse glorifying being a s**t or single mother is what’s killing these kids. At what point will women take accountability for their actions? What you expect, a toaster?

    1. @Solaris. have you once seen a fetus in utero video? The clump if cells is an embryo by day 30 there is a heartbeat….science is on our side

    2. @Bruh An undeveloped fetus isn’t a baby therefore abortions are not murder. You are a twisted individual 😱

    3. @LauraBeeDannon A heartbeat does not equal a functioning developed mind capable of self awareness. Please do not use the word science with me ever again!

    1. They’re not. The point is that SCIENTIFICALLY, it is CERTAIN that once you have a HEARTBEAT, you are ALIVE and should not be MURDERED. This has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with the apolitical belief of “BEING ABLE TO LIVE WITHOUT BEING KILLED”.

    2. @Anon Unknown don’t explain anything to him, he thinks he transformed from a monkey and sold his soul long ago.

  4. Elections have consequences….

    Maybe this will make the 10 million more registered Democrats than registered Republicans actually VOTE

    1. @I am jacks complete lack of surprise No, you got rid of the fat, orange, democratic, anti-fascist, pro-life, pro-constitution, pro-liberty, pro-capitalism, pro-American, highly effective, highly productive miracle worker and replaced him with a senile, Socialist, corrupt living, breathing version of Mr. Magoo who’s destroying the country.

    1. Court packing is stupid. If we courtpacked every time we had justices who didnt agree with us we would have hundreds of justices by now. Stop using ur postion of power to cheat the constituion which should have said something about number of justices.

    2. @Bruh it’s not court packing. In the late 1880’s when they settled on 9 we had a fraction of citizens and less states and senators. Things have changed drastically so the courts should reflect the change. Mitch McConnell and Trump did court packing

  5. And the celebrants still could care less about children once they exit the womb. Their policies (or opposition to policies) regarding children after birth are obvious.

    1. @Sun Tzu accidents happen, job losses happen, divorces happen, life is not a bed of roses. there are many reasons why people do not have enough to live on. love does not put food on the table

    2. @Jamsie No $hit Jamsie. Your refering to a very small % of the population. The problem when it becomes like the “Oprah” show….You get a free meal, you get a free meal, everyone gets a free meal. Life is tough, wear a cup!

    3. It’s a shame we can’t euthanize old people. It would’ve saved them a lot of pain and suffering from being neglected by their pro-choice children.

    1. Gonna be tough Snapperhead….Every business is moving there for better tax rates….And look what it did for Georgia….Go ahead, step on your nuts….

    1. So you think people who think innocent people should not be butchered are therefore in favor of segregation? You lefties are something else.

  6. Gov Stitt of Oklahoma needs to be held accountable, too. He not only signed a six-week abortion bill, but also a bill that bans mask mandates in public schools. How is this guy flying under the radar?!

  7. This insidious regime does not care about children they have total disregard for human life that was proved in Afghanistan

  8. “Equal Rights for the Unborn Haman Children” , They must have the same Constitutional Rights as Their Parents…

  9. Abraham Lincoln never went looking for a civil war, but he was ready for it when it came. Thank God we have a President of the same calibre in the White House again in our time of need.

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