1. @Ms Jules Most kids are behind with their education. So, yes let’s keep them home forever, so they will never know anything.

      It’s dangerous to get in a car. It’s dangerous to go home with a date. Life is about calculated risks.

    2. @Christine Benson

      Christine, you are welcome to send your children back to school. It is your right. You are free to do so, but must also face the consequences if your children become potentially sick, and perhaps critical, due to their immune systems not handling well to COVID-19.

      I will not take such a gamble on my life nor my children to see whether or not I’ll get sick. I’m not about to play Russian Roulette on the lives of others, and then, if they do get sick- severely or not- they will eventually spread to other children, and then those children will spread it to others and then more cases of COVID will rise. Some will die as a result of that one child alone. Do you understand?

      So no Christine, I will not be returning my children back into an unsafe environment where this possibility could happen. I am not going to send any child somewhere it might be hazardous for them- invisible or not- because if you care for these children you would want them to not potentially risk their lives on any occasion.

  1. *Doc: “We’d love to hear from the CDC.”*
    (Translation: “Trump needs to get out of science and medical business and get out of our way!”)

  2. Mr President: My children are not political pawns in your re-election campaign. You’ve already sacrificed so many Americans but NOT MY KIDS! They will be staying home.

    1. @8Lights8 what a stupid comment. I highly doubt any of these kids are never going to school again. It may delay their education a bit, but I’m sure they won’t grow up uneducated and poverty-stricken.

    2. @Christine Benson You realize that not avoiding risks make you RESPONSIBLE for the bad results, right?
      Of course not – if you are still supporting this laying narcissist, you do not understand accountability or responsibility to begin with.

    3. @8Lights8 why are you so angry at people who want the choice to homeschool their kids? And Republicans homeschool too, including the Duggers from Arkansas and families with similar backgrounds. They often promote this style of teaching as well… you gonna start insulting them too?

    4. @Betty Ciociola Well we cant have them going to school until the virus is gone! So yeah, forever by your logic. And they will go to school, they will ‘learn’ in online courses or by homeschooling. Research shows this doesnt work at all. Please, go ahead and support the dumbing down of our youth, at least itll bring in more votes for the Democrats!

    1. Dr. Coos payed by the Trump administration you’re damn right because they are corrupt 🙄🙄🙄

    2. @Mijemu mijemu how many children have died from Corona virus again? look there are always to sides of the story im not a fan of the CDC or Trump but i get that children are the carriers that can really cause harm by spreading it to the people in there family with compromised/weak immune systems

    3. Yep when he sees a problem he tries to fix it .
      Why you think our number stink ?
      If you get tested positive four times during your illness it counts as cases . People (at my work) have been contacted and told they were positive that haven’t even been tested . It’s a mess at the local level . No one was ready for this but at least we now know what needs to be done to be ready next time .

    4. This is crazy. we are sacrificing our children’s lives by not sending them back to school. Do the best we can and let’s open our schools. There is risk to everything. Opening up our schools is the best decision.

  3. Vote on Nov 3,2020! If you want this to END Vote them Out! 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Let your vote be heard.

  4. So I’ve come to the conclusion that I will not be sending my kids back to school until Trump is completely out of the white house.

    1. I am sure they will benefit form your instruction and at least they will be safe in whatever room u keep them in till it’s safe to go outside even if by then they havent talked to a person other than ur family in 2 yrs.

    2. Trust your local school district over Trump. My district just announced distance learning.It means I’m unemployed as a substitute, but it means my students and parents are safe. Now I just have to come up with a plan B to supplement my income.

  5. I’m in Georgia and I and my governor is actively suing my local government for trying to help stop the spread! What is going on??

    1. @Kristin Marie I live in Atlanta and that’s exactly what he’s doing.

      Mask mandates aren’t enforceable, but his stupid social distancing guidelines are? That fool is a walking contradiction.

    2. worth remembering, this is the same guy who was sec. of state of GA and certified his own election- he stole that and abrams should have been gov. right now. outcome for the people of GA would be much better, and they have my sympathy

  6. when this administration is on the verge of being choked by its own decisions, they do exactly this kind of thing on all situations

  7. Sacrafice our children lives for Trump’s re-election? No. He and the administration should be sent to prison.

    1. This is crazy. we are sacrificing our children’s lives by not sending them back to school. Do the best we can and let’s open our schools. There is risk to everything. Opening up our schools is the best decision.

    2. Isaac Campos – I was not aware the majority age of teachers and parents was over 84 years old for these children.

    3. @Jay Ess Most of his moves backfire. He can’t consider long term outcomes. All he thinks about is short term gains. His many bankruptcies followed a similar pattern. He know whats he thinks is true, and what he thinks is true doesn’t require any facts to back it up, so he often ends up wrong. And compounding his mistakes on top of other mistakes.

    4. @Tone Tone Donald Trump implemented a child separation policy and debased American veterans. Yes, he’s bad. Sorry that you love Trump more than you love your own country.

  8. “WHITE HOUSE BLOCKS CDC FROM TESTIFYING ON REOPENING SCHOOLS” Let that just sit with you for a few days…

    1. @SaladbarPear04 you think kids overall will be happier to go back to school this fall, especially those that are old enough to understand what’s going on?

      You’re a damn idiot.

    2. Mijemu mijemu Exactly, and can you imagine how many schools may get sued? Imagine all of those children bringing the virus with them and someone died.. I agree with your statement

    3. @Heir of the Nazareen think about this a child gets infected child will be fine but the child has infected one of his or her parents and the parent dies said child would be damaged forever

    4. The Trump administration just blocks/stops whatever is against what they suggest is right. It’s Trump (0% health guidelines experience) VS. CDC experts…

  9. For a guy who hates “Chyna” so much, our “leader” is doing a great job turning America into it.

  10. Alarming move by Trump just as Hitler’s moves alarmed Germany in 1939.
    Indeed Trump is a psychopath.

    1. @rgsurplus I think the h goes before the a? If you were attempting mockery, which may have sadly backfired.

    2. @Janus Roze He’s just a Trumpster, they become blind followers because they aren’t good at anything.
      Following their own lead set their house on fire last time. Better to hide behind Donald’s skirt.

    1. When parents die of Covid-19 AND grandparents die too, who is going to take care of the orphaned children? Keep kids at home.

    2. Rednec joe yes an excuse not too work.. now that obamas in the shadows if your not working your a waste of oxygen.

    1. This is crazy. we are sacrificing our children’s lives by not sending them back to school. Do the best we can and let’s open our schools. There is risk to everything. Opening up our schools is the best decision.

    2. @Richard Alderman so does that mean that you will kill your children because you have to work, or does that mean that you should be figuring out a PLAN NOW, to keep Youe children safe.
      Remote learning is the difference between if your children, LIVE, OR DIE.

    3. @stray fiftynine people don’t care the virus is politicized and they are in so much fear that they would keep their kids home and quit their jobs because they can potentially get a virus with a 96%+ survival rate. For kids it’s like 99.9

    4. @RISERPRODUCTIONS “To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public.”
      ― Theodore Roosevelt

  11. It’s not the governments choice. It’s the parents choice if they want to send their children back to school.

  12. Here’s to those who four plus years ago said “I’d rather die than vote for a democrat.” Congrats, your führer’s fragile ego is happily granting us your wish.

  13. Nothing makes a jury more “confident” than a prosecutor who blocks all the witnesses for their case.

  14. White House is making itself looks like a dumb fark. US has reach the LOWEST territory in its integrity.

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