White House Calls On Congress To Pass $24 Billion In Disaster Relief 1

White House Calls On Congress To Pass $24 Billion In Disaster Relief


NBC's Sahil Kapur reports from Capitol Hill as the White House is urging Congress to act quickly and pass $24 billion in disaster relief funds to help response efforts to Hurricane Ida. This funding could be tied up in government funding that is approaching its deadline at the end of September.
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  1. climate change legislation should be helping the climate issues slowdown first, not to worry about the damage its gonna bring. like seatbelts, made the law, then got out the campaign hats

    1. @Terri Morris not through reconciliation or executive action. but I get your point. I cant believe we’re still here, we were talking about this stuff 30 years ago

    1. @INCARNATE LOL, Your first mistake was thinking if I actually cared that much about Trump. I will say we were better off with him than Joe Biden.

  2. Hurricane season just started,if they build in these low areas in La again they’ll be rebuilding again when another storm hits next. Stop building in these areas God is not cryptic in his message,he is telling you not to build there.

  3. Good pass it. Forget about the other party that has forgotten about the American people along time ago, they were to stuck in their feelings.
    Remember they voted against the last stimulus that most American approve of and needed.

  4. I’ll be greatly relieved and breathe a great big sigh of “Relief” when “Disastrous Donald tRump” meets his “Demise” & finally “Croaks.” Ahhh! Yes, sweet Jesus grant me my prayer!

    1. Given all your anger, you’re much more likely to croak first and from your attitude I’m sure it will bring many great pleasure.

    2. @Chris tRump doesn’t care about his own supporters dying….what made you even think he would care about a non-supporter?

    3. @john smith Actually he did care which is why he shut down foreign travel before anybody else advised him to, while Democrats were telling people to go to China town. Trump was also trying to hold China accountable for HIDING the virus when the outbreak first started and left the CORRUPT World Health Organization who helped cover for China. The Chinese government should bare ALL the blame for the outbreak because instead of warning people, they tried to cover it up and didn’t warn other nations until it was too late. You people hate Trump more than the Chinese government who puts its own people in concentration camps and completely disregards the safety of its own citizens.

  5. These people should just get a job or two, not government handouts. Besides, how are we going to pay for it? Tax law and money are used for wealthy tax avoidance and subsidies for that 10th yacht. /s

  6. I call for a 50 mile SeaShore Barrier Act.
    Nobody can build a permanent home of any kind within 50 miles of the Coast Line.
    Nothing but a tent and a wood fire.
    East, West, South.
    No Homes Should Be Built at All.
    Then your insurance rates will not go up $100 a year buying other people’s New Houses they Just had Rebuilt from the last Hurricane.
    This Isn’t Rocket Science.
    These are Rich Spongers that get new roofs, interiors or a whole new house if it goes correctly.
    The CARs how many car will IDA buy people.
    He can’t even get the 3rd Stimulus Checks to persons with Disabilities.
    There called Crocklamtions.

  7. Why doesn’t the state have any money set aside for disaster relief? Why do we have to pay for the negligence and grossly mismanaged budgets of these state?

    1. Really y’all know him?, I even thought I’m the only one he has helped walk through the fears and falls of trading

    2. Yes I can believed that, I got victory with him was so sad after receiving the first pay knowing I invested so low with fear

    3. You did well to share his number for willing investors

      You did well to share his number for willing investors

  8. US ANTIQUE INFRASTRUCTURE UPDATE PASSED: Congratulations Joe and Kamala.
    1964 Japan’s first bullet trains were put in service and the the first Beatles album was released.
    1998 China has 37,900km of high speed track and currently has another 32,000km under construction.
    2021 US trains travel at 135mph while China’s travel at 600mph. US has 301km track with 2,000km under construction.

  9. Just pass the Infrastructure and jobs package already to rebuild and invest in future proofing communities assets.

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