1. The other 70 percent of the population? If he’s referring to African Americans it’s actually only 13 percent of the population…

  2. 3:35 There’s nothing wrong with having a minority as a Chief of Staff; however, it has no bearing on their qualifications. Thus it is not in and of itself a reason to choose someone.

  3. You spend a few years in the monastery, you leave for greener pastures. Less stress, tons more money. White House Chiefs of Staff usually only stick around for a couple years anyway.

    1. Whatever helps you cope with Joe’s incoming resignation, before we make Jan 6 look like a girl scout bake sale.

    2. He’s jumping ship, get real. You guys are really twisting yourselves into pretzels trying to minimize it all. Btw, they found another tranche of docs so get your tissues ready 🤣. FJB

  4. They are all slowly headed for the Exits hoping not to be seen as it all comes to a screeching halt for this administration ……. Jenn Psaki saw it coming early on !!!!

    1. Jenn Saki said she would stay on for a year before she took the job. So she didn’t see any coming. Klein was chief of staff for years as well as for Biden as VP so if he is due to retire from all those years in government it has nothing to do with seeing things coming.

    2. @Jazzy cope. Psaki knew she was farming a CNN staff contributor gig and book deal for a year of holding her nose and lying.

    3. @sdfasdfadfasdfadfasd Psaki came from CNN to start with, she stepped down as a cable news contributor to take the job as press sec, its not shocking she went back into cable news (MSNBC not CNN) after leaving.

  5. A man who, for many years, had the good fortune of being portrayed in film by Kevin Spacey and now has the misfortune of having been portrayed in a film by Kevin Spacey.

    1. Because he’s running before the pitchforks and torches show up. He was the one thing barely holding this pathetic administration together.

    1. @Trishna _ he’s in his 60s so it’s time to step down? yet his boss is the president in his 80s that make no sense. He’s running for a reason and more will follow.

    2. @jay Biden being the president at 80 years does still make sense. Don’t forget he was a Vice President for 8 years so he has presidential experience that the 60 year old doesn’t.

  6. Leaving the sinking ship he knows they’re putting the old buffoon out to pasture He always know what’s about to take place

  7. From Star Trek Day of the Dove. “Only a fool continues to fight (or stay- my emphasis) in a burning [down] house [white]. Kang- Michael Ansara. Re: Biden- “He’s dead Jim” (Dr. McCoy… i.e. Bones).

  8. Things are getting good! I wonder who is going to step down next? Hopefully the whole administration, including Joe

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