White House COVID-19 Response Team hold a press briefing | USA TODAY 1

White House COVID-19 Response Team hold a press briefing | USA TODAY


White House COVID-19 Response Team and federal public health officials hold a press briefing to provide updates on the COVID-19 response effort


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  1. You can talk all you want, I will not do it. This is the sign of the beast. Look at what they are doing, can you see people. The ones that have not done it be ready they are coming after us. For we are God’s people, we are stronger then they are, get ready.

    1. @Simply Sparkle how about If you are fat and develop health issues as a result of your poor diet and lack of self care, don’t go to a hospital then either..

  2. Always with the first shot statistics. Doesn’t it take two? How many have been vaccinated, period. Is about safety or compliance?

  3. fauci : “do you see infected people and mountains of corpses of those who died from “covid”?!”
    biden : “NO”
    fauci : “and i don’t see but they “are”
    reporter : “dr. fauci, and why are you and biden all the democrats without masks when the cameras are off?!”
    fauci : “no-no-no! no questions!”

  4. In the future, the government needs to find a way to allow Primary Care Physicians to administer shots and local health care clinics that serve the poor and uninsured.

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