White House COVID-19 Response Team holds briefing as cases soar in India | USA TODAY 1

White House COVID-19 Response Team holds briefing as cases soar in India | USA TODAY


The U.S. is set to vaccinate 100 million Americans fully by the end of this weekend, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


Even as more Americans receive the vaccine, coronavirus cases are soaring in countries like India and Costa Rica.

The U.S. has pledged $100 million in COVID-19 aid to India.

There have now been at least 150 million coronavirus cases worldwide, according to Johns Hopkins University data.

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    1. The Cameras will be on him when the public learns he illegally studied the virus and helped make it more contagious with public tax dollars. Whether the release of the virus was an accident or not. Had Fauci not gone around US law and travelled to Wuhan to make this Frankenstein Corona=HIV monster virus we all would not be dealing with a global communist revolution and their plandemic.

    2. Joe Rogan just apologies for the misinterpret Covid Advice because WOW he is not a expert in the field.

    1. Oh they made it and people are catching on. Media blackout on the half million people who took to the streets in London. Only rt’s ruptly broadcasted it. Chanting we know, Nuremberg 2.0

    2. @thatflyguy I really love the people of London protesting the best I can under these horrific times we’re living in. And with the mayor of DC going to start knocking on people’s doors that have not been vaccinated to find out why yeah we’re talkin about the Gestapo tactics . They’re going to push as much fear propaganda and guilt propaganda to get these people to take the vaccine it’s really frightening..

    3. All roads lead back to Davos. The rapper Pitbull was right they did it with a virus. Don’t feel alone, even celebrities are waking up to the truth. Now Joe Biden is reciting word-for-word the Great reset. The sick bastards even gave out plushie dolls that look like a virus molecule at event 201. People are sharing this very conversation on a lot of forums right now oh, they know we know. Now Klaus Schwab warns of an impending Cyberattack attack taking out all internet and banking institutions making covid seem petty. Pay attention to WEF website and media they’re arrogant and don’t hide their intentions. Have a nice day peeps.

  1. They don’t want to report the numbers here falling so the doom & gloom report other countries. Scare Tactics 101 folks!

    1. Almost everyone is waking up to this SCAMdemic! Hell, when Bill Gates and Rockefeller go on record stating the global population is too high and depopulation programs need to be implemented, well………

  2. I will still live my life as usual without a shot. I will still be doing a bbq this weekend. I don’t need an official to give me permission

  3. I’m not saying that this will happen, but can you imagine if people started developing symptoms like Gulf War Syndrome in a few months? Then, when they tried to sue for damages were just told “no”.

    1. @Kat Y and? we are granted a level of safety when taking the vaccine – mass immunization is taking place and the expected results are being achieved, I can’t see a bigger medical emergency than covid right now

    2. @Acceptable Yet these aren’t vaccines because they aren’t Fda approved….wrap your brain around that!

    3. @Acceptable You are the type of person the government is relying on .. however the “safety” your talking about couldn’t be farther from the truth, many people have died, became paralyzed, blood clots, brain bleeds, miscarriage just to name a few, we are not being told the truth in the numbers of adverse effects,please do some research and in other countries also.. this is an experimental drug…. everyone who gets the shot is playing Russian Roulette with their lives..

    4. @Rita Dempsey literally every medicine on this planet had caused extreme side effects in a select few people

    5. @Acceptable I agree and that’s with years long studies.. The vaccine was said to be safe yet hundreds and hundreds are suffering grave side effects. The people that got the vaccine are human guinea pigs.. The investors in pharmaceutical drugs are laughing all the way to the bank….

  4. Fauci will probably advise Biden to open up unrestricted travel between India and US so our COVID death numbers can spike too and he can go back to being the darling of daytime News programs.

    1. It’s all fake. It’s as fake as when people were dropping dead In the streets of China. Complete BS.

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