White House COVID Response Team Press Briefing | USA TODAY 1

White House COVID Response Team Press Briefing | USA TODAY


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention unveils new guidance on wearing masks outdoors for unvaccinated people on Tuesday, ahead of a planned speech by Biden on the state of the pandemic response. Officials said a focus in the coming weeks will be on easing guidance for those who are vaccinated, both in recognition of their lower risk and to provide an incentive to get shots.

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  1. Thats good news. But, why does cdc and other health organizations test covid 19, vaccines, medical product’s on chimpanzees and orangutans. And don’t insult my intelligence. I know for fact that this is happening. This inhumane to a species that is considered endangered. I would like the White house to give us a reason?

  2. I have always said and will continue to say we need to punish china before things go out of hand and china starts controlling everything

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