White House decorated with ‘We The People’ themed holiday decor | USA TODAY


    1. @Neptunes Fire You’re being insensitive to the many people who are struggling. Perhaps God gifted you with more. Enjoy your gift. One day you will pay for your arrogance….one way or another. We don’t always pay for our sins……sometimes it’s someone we love. Take care.

    2. Well this Black Friday I didn’t see poor people but people buying like crazy I was just staring how insane people just buying to buy sad but true yea I believe is a crisis right now and the most affected are the always low class incomes homes mine is one but I still have food and heat thanks God. I think the people that is struggling are the ones who don’t work and live from government crumbs but is their choice because is lot of work out there God won’t leave us his children abandon ❤

  1. This administration has been the worst in history. The irony of the theme being “We the people” 😂 bout to light up the block with a TRUMP 2024 themed Christmas 🎄 😂.

    1. No need. Your neighbors are well aware that you’re a clown. The additional advertisement would just be redundant.

    2. It really is sad that there are people who are so obsessed with their political identity they can’t take time out and be decent human beings for 2 weeks. I am a hateful, misanthropic monster and I can manage normal human decency once a year. You have no excuse.

    1. There are people who realize it is still “we” and there are sickos willing to destroy it all because of their obsession with an imagined “us vs them.”

  2. Not “We the People except for Trump Voters Because We Hate Them Just As Much”? Seems more like something this incompetent admin would say.

  3. So tone deaf. Many of us are struggling to keep the heat on this winter and here they are bragging about their decorations. FJB

  4. I hope they did away with that haphazard mis-matched “gift arch” from last year. That display wasn’t suitable for an elementary school auditorium.

  5. If the rolling blackouts happen in New England this Christmas, that we have been warned to expect due to power grids not having the energy to produce enough….who will suffer? Rich elitists telling us everythings great? Or will it be the disabled, seniors and single income households that freeze?

  6. Looks pretty nice. Even when I don’t like the current administration, still always appreciate these kinds of traditions.

  7. “81mill votes” and joe still can’t fill a stadium. All I ever hear are cheers for some dude named Brandon

  8. 😍Oh it’s so wonderful to see our White House look like traditional American Christmas this year (and NOT a foreign redrum murder scene like that last bunch🤡)! 👍💗

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