White House envisions summer of freedom with vaccination push 1

White House envisions summer of freedom with vaccination push


The president is using free child care and the lure of a complimentary beer to try to persuade more Americans to get vaccinated against Covid-19, part of a push to reach his goal of 70 percent of adults having their first shot by July 4.
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    1. I was going to go down to the local bar (Haven’t ever been there) and flash my vax card and ask for free draft beer. I’d like to see what they say.

    2. @sealyoness Most of these free item for vaccination deals come from large national companies.

      Small businesses can’t afford that. Plus, we need to support small business, including restaurants and bars.

    1. I don’t think for one minute you’d get arrested for it. Unless you interfered with someone who isn’t as confident as you.

  1. Imagine thinking we somehow lost our “freedoms” and need Obama’s Vice President supported By the Bush Family to help us.

  2. I envision a summer of freedom without any federal acroachment. Also envision nuremburg trials for Biden and Fauci!!!

    1. Yes it’s called you signed away your families legal rights to. Sue them if you die!!!! Cuz its voluntary

  3. I tried to get vaccinated twice, first the appointment was canceled second they don’t do walk-ins. If they want the American people to get vaccinated, make it more convenient.

  4. I was in high school during the summer of love, and the student body president. I walked away that summer with a greater Respect for life, that led me to learn more about the plan of God.
    Not all Hippies lived that hypocritical lifestyle, many were Born again believer’s that Year and fell back in with purpose, THANK God for that era in American history.

  5. This will be the summer of love just like the last time. Right pelosi?

  6. Nearly half of all NIAID and FDA employees are refusing the COVID vaccines. Think about that.

  7. From Seattle the Summer of Love to DC the Summer of Freedom to the border States the Summer of illegal border crossings to the beautiful sanctuary cities of democrud rule!

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