White House Explanation For Soleimani Continues To Shift | MTP Daily | MSNBC

White House Explanation For Soleimani Continues To Shift | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1


  1. The State Department has stated that it received no information or warnings about an imminent threat to any of it’s embassies.
    Let’s be clear, If the State Department is saying that they received no warnings or information about an imminent threat, that means there was definitely no imminent threat at all. And anyone who has ever served overseas at a US Embassy knows this. Because if there was an imminent threat as Trump and his sycophants are claiming, but yet they failed to alert the State Department and our embassies, then that is a serious problem.

  2. Trump: “It might could’ve possibly been an imminent threat, in a hypothetically speaking sense, based on specific information that we don’t have, but we know was real. I hope that clears everything up.”

    1. David J ; the only ignots buying into trump’s imminent threat scenario are people in his sphere of corrupt supporters !!! Pompeo’s stench of lying is just as bad as the dumbo !

  3. It’d be more believable if Donald could say his name properly, I guess almost getting into a war doesn’t matter to Trump…

  4. “The impeached president Trump” needs to be stressed in our conversations about this corrupt Trump Family!!
    Wise up everyone! Take America Back!❤️🇺🇸❤️

    1. omg so funny! i bet he is making sad face for always!! big sad face for tRump!! hahahaheeerrreeeerrkkkkkppppttthhh

  5. A week or so ago Trump appeared to have never heard of Soleimani, had trouble pronouncing his name off teleprompters, wouldn’t know Iraq from Iran & obviously couldn’t care less that he couldn’t find them on a map.

  6. Then that imminent threat he felt should have come to him 3 years ago as soon as he became a president. He did not even know who he was until Pompeio whispered into his ears. DEMs are not defending him, they simply do not want US to go to a war. His putting it very to his benefit as usual.

  7. You killed three service members and wounded eight in Pensacola by letting murderers from Saudi Arabia have guns

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