White House Hijacks CDC Guidelines For School Reopenings | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


    1. Remember when republicans said that there would be “death panels” if the ACA were to be passed? Well, guess who’s having to turn corona patients home from hospitals because they have no space and the patient is too far gone? Yup…the death panels.

    2. Beatrice Asarte : I sound like a broken record, I know. But, It was bad enough, that we are STILL WAITING even for a RESPONSE to the assassinations of our troops. Now, our CHILDREN? America, you will NEVER FORGIVE YOURSELVES . . . Not your children, America? . . .

  1. My children have letters from their doctor stating they can not return to school because of bone spurs

    1. @long nose – Nooo, they want them to be uneducated, ignorant, science-illiterate, I’ll-believe-anything gullible paleo-conservosaur voters, so they can try to re-elect Trump when he and his corrupt RepubliCON crooks get out of Leavenworth Federal Penitentary come 2048

    2. @Jon Nelson – It’s not from Fux or OAN, the Official Propaganda and Crazy Conspiracy networks of the RNC… so chances are it’s actual FACTS.

    1. My momma always told me that life is a box of chocolates: The ones that have been coughed on are probably the ones I should stay clear of.

  2. The attempt to force schools to open has one main purpose and that’s to get the economy to open fully, to get parents back to work….The powers that be should be reminded that the purpose of schools is to educate the young, not to act as child minders. It’s bound to backfire, parents value the lives of their children over the economy and the boost to Wall Street.

    1. Do you remember, when they campaigned. on FOX that it would be a patriotic duty for elderly people to go and die just that they could reopen the economy. Now this is not enough. Now it’s patriotic to put your children at risk to call teachers and everybody dealing with schoolchildren inclusive parents to die just for their stupid economy. The reason for all this: they have failed to the pandemuc entirely just by their bigottery and dumbness. I live in Germany and we are working all since nearly to month now. It’s still not easy with all that hygiene and health rules but one can get used to it. But we only started wirh opening again when it was really safe!! Wenn cases were down!! Now we have 800 cases a day. It’s rising again presumly because of holiday traveling and some people a little tired if being carefull. Germany has 1/3 of your population and you have 76.000 new cases a.day . Seeing the difference? It’s absolutely insane taljing of reopening.

    2. The problem with schools is that children bring diseases home – particularly seniors who are very vulnerable to infections in crowded classrooms. This is exactly how influenza spreads through communities.

    3. He can’t do anything else nationally to address the virus.. Always on local level right??

    4. What Devos said is nuts! More like they are silent speakers, the new ‘guidelines’ even spell it out, children often show no symptoms. Why do these morons think you need a runny nose and a cough to spread this virus?

  3. Tramp and the GOP wont get together for their convention. Sadly they don’t care about the kiddies

  4. The Republican Trump Holocaust will now include American children, except his son Barron!🤬🤬🤬

    1. Exactly! That statement alone should make folk more worried about their freedom than putting a mask on.

    2. @Kathy Dryland
      Teach the kids outdoors. Since the army isnt using large tents anymore. Set them up in big city parks so kids dont fry in hot urban classrooms!
      Due to terrorist threats most urban classroom windows dont open & doors must be kept closed. NYC will have teachers & kids passing out from the heat!

    3. Only if people are dumb enough to obey him. I’d fight to the death anyone who tried to force me to out my kids lives at risk.

    1. It is extremely disturbing. It is obvious that this CDC is lying to the American people. Trembling Con Don Chump has corrupted practically every institution of the Federal Government.

  5. Deny, lie, hide, dominate, subjugate. The dictatorship timeline. That’s normally a recipe for disaster, but during a pandemic, it is a mortal threat.

    1. Every department head is not only not qualified to run their department, but placed there to dismantle said department.
      And above all is the malignant narcissist and sociopath and pathological liar in the Whitehouse.
      The dysfunction is on purpose, as all the Federal thugs being sent to all Democratic cities. The USPS is being paralyzed, so that the mail in voting won’t work.
      So, come November, what will we see? No election, Democratic Cities under siege, far right militias weaponised and given authority.
      The second wave of the Corona virus out of control and the stock market crash. Trump declares Martial law, and the Republican party becomes the single party in control of all government with Trump as the dictator.
      Will the military take any action?
      Mostlikely not, because under the circumstances it may be not entirely illegal.
      All opposition is harshly crushed, and many will be put in camps.
      Whatever happens after that, depends on the moods of the dictator, which means that if may go from bad to worse.
      That is partly why I moved to the Philippines in 2017.
      I knew that the occupant of the Whitehouse is a malignant narcissist and sociopath and pathological liar, and what to expect from such an individual.

  6. Super spread happens with large gatherings, schools buses are Petrie dishes, class rooms are breeding grounds.

  7. Trump & GOP want to win the election and that’s the only thing they care about even if it costs 5 million deaths or more they won’t mind.

    1. Especially if the most dying are Blacks, Mexicans , Democrats as in The Rio Grande Valley. Ambulance have to wait up to 10 hours to #TexasIsTheKillingFields

    1. That is because he is a very immoral person, who cares nothing about any any person in this country. All he cares about is power. He don’t care how many people die in this country from this virus. All he cares about is doing whatever he wants.

    2. @Jan Milligan I bet you have seen exactly that. Hidin bidin is very fond of little children as we have seen. He loves sniffing them and keeping them close despite trying to get away. I know what that tells me. If you do not get a clue.

    1. @Toni King Obama is not making any problems and he knows that the complete truth would not get through to Donald Trump no matter how he says it!Fact is the truth is the truth would never get through to Donald Trump because he is at a point in life in Wich he can’t learn anything new and he can’t change because he is stuck as he is and short of accepting Jesus Christ as his savior nothing else can get through he is now a con man through and through and he will continue to steel money because he is able to and because no one as in the law has caught him doing it.

    2. @Carol Price Obama is still moving things in the justice department and most of our elected officials have given up on jesus. Sorry

    1. Kevin Bedard oh come on🙄; the current administration has been a complete disaster. Our country has never been under this kind of breaking point likely since the Revolution. Trump denied a public health crisis which has left the 🇺🇸 as the single worst nation on the planet across the board for COVID-19. His encore was a response that only fueled a greater divide to the civil unrest that’s been going on for months👎🏼. We needed unity more anything and it’s never going to happen under the current administration.


    3. Penny Grensavitch It sure us. And his base is relentlessly loyal, no matter what he says or does. It’s almost a brain-wash effect. Like the band kept on playing as the Titanic can’t. Never witnessed anything quite like it. Cult-ish.

  8. Barron’s school is following the old guidelines, it is NOT opening.
    Old CDC guidelines OK for Trump’s kid, but not for American kids.

    1. Of course, in fairness, he used the word as a synonym for “blame”. But that doesn’t vindicate Trump, since he IS to blame for the horrible magnitude of this pandemic in the US.

    2. “I am incapable of any independent critical thinking, I believe everything the MSM is telling me” is the worst thing a citizen could say.

    3. @Nanosecondto Midnight You are talking to brain dead zombies. Next up the long line of brain dead zombies for the BG vaxxine.

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