White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki holds daily briefing | USA TODAY 1

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki holds daily briefing | USA TODAY



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  1. I just watched this press conference. I would rather hear that things are not going well but we’re working on it.

    1. Yeah! Me too! From the Administration that said they would not lie! And would be the most Transparent administration in history!

    1. @Kerry Foerster uh huh right cus I was promised a check and u acting all high and mighty cus u already got urs and don’t tell me u don’t qualify

    2. @kerry didn’t they say would have over that weekend!! Some checks that came said PRESIDENT TRUMP. What does that tell you. Biden is a shadow President

    3. @Truth Wins wow that’s wild smh isn’t that’s something else that the checks still say trump I wudnt know cus I didn’t receive mine but when trump was president I did get mine right away

  2. Children should be with their parents, no plugging up our schools and cities! SEND THEM HOME! NOT OUR PROBLEM!

    1. @Colleen McIntosh Your laughter is obviously fake. Your ideas absent. You are in a cult. I wish the best for you. I’ll do my best to prevent you from doing any more damage to my country than you already have. Is there anything I can do for you, Colleen? (And I speak for most of the nation.)

    2. @Kerry Foerster lol, you are NOT speaking for anyone but yourself. Appreciate your fake concern but I’m not the delusional one here. Best thing you can do is mind your own business and maybe get some help for that TDS. You have helped inspire me to double down on my support for President Trump, so thank YOU! I’ll donate (on payday) in your name, Kerry Foerster. Appreciate it!

    3. @kerry you should do some research about a traitor!!! Look at Biden . This FAKE President Biden no transparency.

    4. @Truth Wins I know what a traitor is, and Trump is a traitor. He tried to overthrow our democratically elected government, but, fortunately, he is stupid and weak, and he utterly failed. He will, however, never hold elected office in our nation again. Truth wins.

    1. Actually she does this every time she tells the truth. Also sometimes she tells the truth and doesn’t do it.

    1. @Rick McGrath while I type this comment there is a white house video released an hour ago and it got 5000 dislikes and 456 likes

  3. Transparency but you refuse to give any real answers to questions? Americans are not happy. I’m so tired of hearing the racial propaganda while we have real issues that are not being taken care of. We are sending so much money overseas and spending so much money to fight discrimination and racism but there is nothing to show for this and no way to track it. Where is the money going?

  4. would the educational and health resources she says they think the border crashers need.?????… be the same educational and health resources YOU AND I PAY FOR FOR OUR FAMILYS!

  5. The Help is here tour?

    1. That’s already been done with dozens of court cases. You might want to climb out from under your rock.

    2. @Kerry Foerster
      I did! When Obviously you didn’t. They refused to hear the cases! And the msm just kept saying they lost! So Ok! Back under my rock I go!

    1. B>) YOU’RE not ignoring me, so you contradicted yourself. How do you know that this isn’t my job? To counter the Deplorables. Gruesome gig, but somebody’s got to do it.

    1. How is this not a crisis children being as sulfates and rapped. Facilities over crowed with postive Covid!! You really know nothing KERRY

  6. Help is Here Tour???!!! WTF???!!! Ugh! Say SECOND GENTLEMAN one more time!!! I’ve NEVER heard that expression so much as I have in the last 2 months!!! Er, Uh, Um…

    1. I wonder, Colleen, if that’s because we’ve never had a Second Gentleman before. Do you think that might be it? Just spitballing here. Work with me here, Colleen. We’re a team.

    2. Biden should be at the border!! He couldn’t help the troops. Countries Turing against Biden!! Trump was making America great . Biden making America FALL apart

    3. @Kerry Foerster My comment was more about how many times she said it but, you’re right, there has never been a woman VP so there wouldn’t have been a second gentleman. Do you remember hearing Second Lady for Michelle Obama or that witch Hillary? I don’t remember hearing that term, or maybe I just wasn’t paying attention.

    1. I was raised to have compassion for all! But right now. I agree with you! I’m concerned for our children our country! I just hope! We don’t get so bad! There’s no coming back!

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