White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki holds White House briefing | USA TODAY 1

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki holds White House briefing | USA TODAY


White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki holds a White House briefing.


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    1. @COBYKOEHL2 :)) why would I do that? And what would be the reason for which I cannot look at myself?
      If it’s about the Obama cages, that’s the reality. I bet you can still find that on Google.

    2. @Kerry Foerster I am not saying people should not come. But there are some disadvantages to that too. Not everyone will feel them, but some will.

      I have lived as an immigrant in the UK for 6 months, my boyfriend wanted us to move there and become citizens.
      Many, many Romanians live and work in the UK, in Spain and Italy.
      Most are very good and hard workers. But many went there to steal, we have the most humans trafficked in Europe, many, many minors. The amount is unbelievable. We have whole towns that basically sustain themselves by trafficking minors.
      In Barcelona you have to take care at your pockets because of the Rromas from Romania. In France they have payed them to leave and they still went back, many never learn the language and they don’t change their habits.
      In England, this was annoying for some locals and even for me. I expected to arrive in the UK and absorb its culture, yet in my town there were more Polish and Romanian speakers than English. There were sun flower seeds shells on the ground(a Romanian habbit), ugly stores with Slavic products, unattended gardens..
      I also felt the xenophobia on my own skin, although most people were nice.
      Also, in the UK, many people live on benefits, with free housing and all, so they needed people to work their fields and factories. There weren’t many brits in low factory jobs or washing cars. So it wasn’t a problem of us taking their jobs. But I don’t know how that is in the US.
      It’s also kind of bad for our small-buisness owners because they don’t have work force. Now they have started to bring people from Asia, you see more and more of them. But there is still not enough. Not many strangers want to work and live here.
      I think the best way to help those people is to invest in their countries, to create jobs, hospitals, to try to end corruption even if this means using it.
      I have heard that now they have announced a program to bring kids from poorer countries so as to prevent them for taking that journey. That was my idea too. If this would have been done, without making it public to gain votes, I would have taken my hat off to them.
      But they have made it so that thousands of kids will take this perilous journey, many for nothing.
      And not only them, I assume people from around the world will try to come that way. If you don’t control it, you might end up with some pretty rotten apples that will end up ruining yours..

    1. @Kerry Foerster you mean now that we’re back at it in the Middle East? You mean that we’re back to being dependent upon foreign oil and our gas prices (ergo prices on everything else) are already skyrocketing? You mean now that our borders are back open again? You mean now mentally disturbed boys/men who think they are a girl/woman can compete against them in sports among other things I won’t mention? You mean now that our tech monopolies can censor anyone at anytime? You mean now that our kids are not only NOT going to be taught of the great achievements of our past and all the wonderful people that made it happen, they will even get taught more and more to hate our racist country? You mean that cancel culture is picking off all our iconic greats by the second – this week it was Dr Seuss and Speed Gonzales, you mean it’s legal now to have an abortion in the 3rd trimester cause it’s your body, but that they are going to force us to have vaccinations? You mean that China is now back to owning us? You mean that all we are ever going to keep hearing about is the infamously hyperbolized “insurrection” while BLM keeps being lauded everywhere we turn despite all the violence they caused?

      I’m tired of typing… you’re happy so that’s all that matters Kerry.

    2. @Joe Joe Cap. Well, Joe. I disagree with every one of your points. But that’s okay. The problem is, you seem to see darkness in everything, and that’s going to take you down. No one can keep trying when all they see is defeat. I see a new administration that is loyal to our Constitution. I see hardworking people doing their best to make America better. Trump was a traitor, and he did a fair amount of damage to our country. President Biden is trying to repair it. He’s a good man. Give him a chance, Joe. Be of help. Don’t just grouse on the sidelines. We need you.

    3. @Kerry Foerster of course you are free to disagree. The reality is that many do not agree or share your approval of the current administration. TDS is not shared by a huge majority of people’s!

      Am not arguing, just find it comical that you want others to see optimism whilst you denigrate our preferences and Leaders. Reality was that the left did not accept President Trump’s win in 2016 and for his entire presidency. Both, he and his supporters were insulted, demeaned and denigrated for the last five years.

      So, am thinking that it’s most likely that those chickens will now come home to roost. Am fairly confident that WE will give Biden the exact same chance that was given to President Trump and his supporters.

      And, yes we will certainly help get President Trump back into Office! But, it’s fair to say that we won’t be helping Biden…any time soon. As you can see, we are not in agreement about anything to do with the Presidency but that doesn’t have to mean that we can’t agree to get along despite our differences. Have a nice day!

    4. @Kerry Foerster I don’t see darkness in Jesus Christ? Surfing with my son? Living mask free? Miles Davis? Italian food? I could go on and on and on…

      Where I do see the darkness are in these demonic leaders and everything they believe in! And the liars in the media! Wake up! Biden and the rest of them could care less about you! They are destroying our country.
      With all due respect, how old are you Kerry? You seem very young?

    1. @Kerry Foerster Not as official languages though.
      If people choose to live in another country and enjoy its benefits, they should at least learn it’s language. They should learn and live by the country’s customs. If they love their language and country so much, they should have remained there.
      Also, they should use all the languages that are spoken in the US if your argument is the reason for which this lady translated everything she has said.
      Totally useless anyway. Not only because she said useless and unimportant things, but also because she was the only one to speak in Spanish, so what was the point?

    2. You are in the Globalist Embryo now, not the US. This is just a tiny part in its evolution. Soon it will grow and it will eat us all.


    2. @COBYKOEHL2 you idiot an insurrection where a few stooges were allowed intobthe building and there was no weappns whatsoever
      But lers keep 10k national gaurd and our big protective fence

  1. Could we circle back to biden’s TV interview yesterday he couldn’t remember where he was couldn’t remember the names of who he was talking about the man is a joke a joke

    1. He forgot what the Pentagon was called. The PENTAGON. It’s up there with calling your sister your wife.

  2. I haven’t seen Biden give any kind of speech, just because he says a few words 40 times does not mean that is a speech. They’re hiding him because he can’t speak. Lame administration!

    1. @Kerry Foerster it been 50 days since he has said anything, the boarders are a disaster – I live near them. He is allowing people incarcerated vote now and has reversed Trumps orders and now China has interest in all of America’s power grids. Sorry, it’s not looking good!

    2. @Kerry Foerster a chance at what?
      Being alone and coherently speaking are not in joes box of trucks

    1. not with this lady. she is like Neo from the Matrix because she dodges questions in friggin bullet time

    2. I don’t think she dodges questions, but is honest about how much she knows at any given time. Be patient.

    3. @Kerry Foerster haha seriously?
      You haven’t broken her down yet ?
      Very basic tactics that should be glaringly obvious to you

  3. So one of the first questions by the press is about the tabloid interview Oprah did with the antention seeking Meghan and Harry? HOLY SH*T!

    1. Distract, divert, disinterest. The MSM’s entire job is to make sure we don’t hear the truth and get bored.

    2. Sandi, I think your cynicism is naive. Our president and his administration are doing their best to make America and the world better. That’s their job.

  4. riddle me this Batman…how come when i checked at 13:12hrs GMT the likes were 204 and dislikes 608…yet as i write dislikes are 512….?

  5. The children are flooding the holding facilities on the boarder , and the administration gets a pass. Weak butt biased media…

  6. God bless you Dr OSABA on YouTube for your great work in the life of my boyfriend completely free Free from HERPES VIRUS.

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