White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki holds White House briefing | USA TODAY 1

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki holds White House briefing | USA TODAY


White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki holds a White House briefing.


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  1. Jen, jen jen…how sedated are you? You don’t change your expression even when lying right through your teeth. You got your lil chinese hat under the podium?

    1. this is going to be a rough 6 months until POTATUS is removed under the 25th amendment. then it’s going to be a rough 3.5 years. kamala is hitler.

  2. How about asking to circle back regarding the violence in Portland asked once about? Still going on. The safety of those protecting federal buildings in Portland not a high priority?

  3. When the president sleepy joe goes to GA will he be lining up some more people to ballot harvest for the next election. It was a great thing that President Trump got the china virus vaccine for us, too bad your administration doesn’t know how to manage the distribution very well. I have been trying for weeks now to get the vaccine and I am not able to get it. Is this the kind of crappy job you guys are going to do for next four years.

    1. the best thing that could have ever happened to this country is these tyrants are too stupid to effectively govern like totalitarians.

  4. *God bless Dr Godfatherspellcaster on YouTube for your urgent spell caster, I got my husband back after 24 of your spell casting*

  5. The White House administration and the US in general has become a joke. I used to be proud not ashamed of our country

  6. hey guys… i just woke up from a coma i’ve been in since octobe… WHAT IN THE UNHOLY HELL!!!! this entire administration is like the last place trophy circle at the special olympics.

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