1. Russia always used the “meat wave” tactics, prioritizing quantity of bodies rather than quality of weapons, logistic or strategy. During the WW2 Soviet casualties were disproportionately higher because Moscow generals pushed soldiers forward without consideration for human lives.

    1. ​@James Gainesyou ww2 statement keeps out the nuance of the huge support the Moskals got with the land lease

    2. ​@Kyle Kyle and yet Russia doesn’t manage to take Bakhmut, a city of only 70.000 pre war population, in 10 months of fighting..

    1. USA: I’m watching you 🤑
      Brazil: Suspicious! We have nothing with Russia can stay in peace 😏

  2. I actually feel really sorry for Russia, not for the psychopaths leading this army, but the poor souls conscripted, in some cases as punishment for speaking out 😢

    1. @Yuri Why remove military assets from Crimea? It’s almost as if they are afraid of losing them.

    1. You mean the leak that was tampered with to make Russians casualties seem less than what it was?😂😂😂 you a orc, cumrade?

    2. When you don’t have anything in you immediately doubting the information when the numbers are 17k and 71k, which is suspicious numbers in relation to each other, it means you are not the brightest and miss the ability of critical thinking.

  3. Find a single catastrophe with loss of life in the 20th/21st centuries where the Russian “estimate” of deaths isn’t 1/10th of what every other country agrees is more realistic? 😂

  4. That makes the Ukrainian estimates correct, if you add the Russian dead from last year. Also, if only 6,000 died, how come they needed to mobilize?

    1. ​@keith francis also the obessesion with ww2 shows that you’re a Moskal. It is quite a defining trait for you orcs.

  5. If the US knows what you are saying in secret meetings , finding out how many are dead and wounded is easy work. We have junior officers figuring that one out in between rounds of Call of Duty and Hot pockets.

  6. None of this matters until you put it on a Russian language website listing each person’s name with pictures and dog tags. THAT would end the war in a month!

    1. When the war started Ukraine used to have a website for Russian family members to identify their loved ones. Was some pretty graphic imagines. 😂 Think the west made them take it down.

    2. It could just as easily stir up a bunch of calls for “revenge” and increase Russian pro-war nationalism

    3. Like Soviet Era.. i mean the Russian Doctrine was always like this… overwhelm tge enemies with numbers.

  7. This is starting to feel like one of those civilization games when you are in the modern age and the AI is still in the bronze age.

  8. Like Soviet era WW2. Overwhelm the enemy with numbers whether they can die or not. Do as your told and die as a cannonfodder.

    USSR doctrine in a nutshell.

  9. For those who die in War…the Mothers have an endess cry. Sleep is a luxury, since tears burn their eyes. Time cannot heal a broken heart..only until the heavenly embrace. ❤❤

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