1. Indirectly. He’s too stupid to know what they are doing. He’s being played as a fiddle by Putin and who knows who else.

    2. @Francesca No , he doesn’t get to claim ignorance . He’s an evil , traitorous sob and putin will decide eventually he’s reach the end of his usefulness and poke him with an umbrella .

  1. Remember when trump believed Putin over the CIA and the NSA. We’ve had a Russian mole in the White House for four years!

    1. remember when 50 former national intelligence members signed a paper saying hunter bidens lab top was russian disinformation… well they lied

  2. Judging how well this administration has punted on every crisis, get ready for denials & more alternative facts about this fake news 📰.

    1. @T KJ “trump is revengeful by nature” But Destroying, and vandalizing every major city across america this summer is not revenge? I’m so confused with everyone’s perspectives.

    2. @K Busby , I am willing to stake my Life on this. It’s Donald Trump, Jared Kushner and Vladimir Putin. It was always going to be the plan. And Trump has ties to the Mafia in both Russia and the United States. This is a Felix Sater deal with him.

    3. @DanJenks09 I cannot explain violence against anyone, especially someone you don’t even know. Like vandalism.
      Maybe they reached a breaking point.
      Donald Trump has caused a lot of anger in this country.
      I must remind you that his first attempts at claiming that the election results were fraudulent were aimed at Black communities.
      He cleared Liberty Square to hold up a Bible.
      He has the emotional IQ of an infant and he is vengeful and tyrannical.

    1. @Communist
      Hey Cumrade
      If I were you ? I’d deny it and be ashamed toooooooooo
      Keep dreaming of being a actual American citizen goleeeboi 😂

    2. Left and believe it or not right voted for Joe Biden. Sorry you all are still so triggered over the trump loss that you have to come on here and troll like losers. Hope you all get a life soon.😊

    3. @Helen Rockefeller Lol no, I don’t work for the U.S. government so I have nothing to tell Putin. On the other hand, Mr. Chump does!

    1. Guess who been running the whole Government all by himself, Then again put unqualified people in jobs have a tendency to get unsatisfactory results. NOT one person Trump nominated or put in jobs had no experience or no business in all the jobs Trump filled. Catch suckers, bump their heads

    1. The spiteful right wing cult’s mantra of “own the libs” has caused them to trash our government from top to bottom just to get even.

    2. It’s not ironic. It’s purposeful. Trump is an Unregistered Agent of a Foreign Power (Russia). It’s why he denied Russia’s interference in the 2016 election, didn’t give the required orders to the NSA and the other intelligence agencies for them to take action to protect us from further cyber-attacks, why he tried to blackmail the Ukraine into taking blame for the interference in the 2016 election, and still enables Russia’s attempts at cyber-warfare.

    3. Yeah you forgot the part about the Secretary of the Treasury , being accused of improperly moving money around , more than 400 billion.
      What’s going on ?

    1. “It’s all going according to plan ” – V. Putin

      Congress is filling up fine with Russian plants and KGB trolls. Follow the money.

    2. @Martin S he was in charge of cyber security & said publicly that there was no voter fraud & this was the most secure election in history, so trump fired him!

    3. Wow. Just wow. You have absolutely no idea how any of this works do you? I can see you’re partisan, and that’s ok. You vote for your people, I’ll vote for mine. But to suggest Krebs has anything to do with cyber security for the treasury department shows that you might have a 4th grade education at best, so I’m gonna help you out. Government officials are GIVEN their encrypted laptops and cell phones at their respective orientations. Those devices are monitored and maintained by the military. IT and electronic infrastructure for all government agencies is handled by the Army. The White House has nothing to do with it. I’ve heard people say how dumb democrats are, but I always thought it was smack talk from their rivals. I’m starting to believe the rumors….

  3. Isn’t that a coincidence that the chief cyber security man gets fired and all the sudden we get breached!Trump is selling our secrets

    1. Don’t forget how he is firing all the top leadership at the Pentagon and disbanning the Defense Department Policy Board. Why are these people taking jobs that will only last a couple weeks?

    2. @Joel Hummel Ya, but I would rather be part of the group of people who aren’t dealing with misinformation and conspiracy theories. It’s hard to be the arbiter of truth when you’re doing the same thing as the other side.

    3. @Helen Rockefeller You do realize the Democrats existed LONG before Trump came along, right? Like the Republican and Obama, Clinton and Biden, the Democrats will find someone else to direct their attention at when Trump is gone in another month.

    1. @moisturizer the 126 who signed onto the Texas lawsuit claiming fraud in 4 swing states Biden won.
      A few of them had to apologize after the SCOTUS shot it down.

    1. Literally what are you talking about? none of these old dudes have any idea how to do computer security. 100% of the responsibility is contractors and enlisted Military cyber security.

  4. Isnt it part of the fleeing dictators handbook that says to pillage the central banks on the way to the airport?

    1. Exactly!…this is reason another stimulus package was never approved and why he never purchased more than 100 million doses of Pfizer vaccine.

    2. @Jennifer Mcafee Well, I have don’t know about the hacking, but I have no doubt smarter people have whispered in Donnie’s ear for years. He could never have thought up all these foolish election lawsuits on his own. Of course, geniuses didn’t come up with them either, they are meant entirely as fundraisers.

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