White House Set To Launch New Anti-Violence Crime Effort | MSNBC 1

White House Set To Launch New Anti-Violence Crime Effort | MSNBC


President Biden is expected to announce on Wednesday his plan to combat gun violence and crime, which will include tougher enforcement standards for gun dealers who violate federal laws. White House Senior Advisor Cedric Richmond joins Morning Joe to discuss.

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White House Set To Launch New Anti-Violence Crime Effort | MSNBC


    1. Fools to allow them to “restrict” a right, but no restrictions or red flags, or background checks for drivers license. What a joke. Hey Beto, Dam right we’re taking your car!

  1. Like they didnt know that would happen from day 1 when no one has jobs and has been locked inside for a year lol

    1. That’s a dumb excuse. Prisoners also don’t have jobs and are locked up for years at a time. According to you prisoners are allowed to commit crimes and be violent with no repercussions? What about hospitalized patients in long term care and seniors in homes? Your logic is flawed. Quit making up excuses for your own criminal inclination.

    2. @suivatco you REALLY think there is no crime in and among criminal communities, within the prison system? No bullying, stealing, raping, bribing, threatening, terrorizing, cutting, knifing, drug distribution… & no gang activity??

    3. @Angela Siegfried A direct effect? No. But letting criminals go free, so they would not get sick, certainly had an impact. Knowing they won’t face prison, gives criminals a license to do whatever they want.

  2. 2nd Amendment says ONLY those who are members of “A WELL REGULATED MILITIA being of necessity for defense” are not infringed to Carry Arms period.
    Not for shooting deer, nor at your ex wives, nor at your neighbors you don’t like.
    Your beloved Founding Fathers already debated these issues and placed it as #2, after #1 Freedom of speech, so you and I won’t have to have these debates.

    1. @Lily Jade allow me to help with direct quotes from the people who wrote the constitution:
      Thomas Jefferson, of Virginia:

      “No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms.” — Proposed Virginia Constitution, 1776
      Samuel Adams, of Massachusetts:

      “The said Constitution [shall] be never construed to authorize Congress to infringe the just liberty of the press, or the rights of conscience; or to prevent the people of the United States, who are peaceable citizens, from keeping their own arms.” — Massachusetts` U.S. Constitution ratification convention, 1788
      The right of the citizens to keep and bear arms has justly been considered, as the palladium of the liberties of a republic; since it offers a strong moral check against the usurpation and arbitrary power of rulers; and will generally, even if these are successful in the first instance, enable the people to resist and triumph over them.”
      – Joseph Story, Commentaries on the Constitution of the United States, 1833

    2. @T. R. Campbell You are wrong. We have to give our arms to the government for regulation and then ask for them back when they turn tyrannical.

    3. Here’s another for you:

      A militia when properly formed are in fact the people themselves… and include all men capable of bearing arms. . . To preserve liberty it is essential that the whole body of people always possess arms.

    4. @T. R. Campbell Yeah, I was. I was just making fun of how far some people reach when trying to interpret the 2nd amend.

    1. @Angela Siegfried No. It gives a person a defense against being shot in the face over a mask policy. Thanks for asking.

    2. @T. R. Campbell tell that to the dumb lady who shot her own kid in the gut trying to shoot a dog last week

  3. Don’t use that argument with the governor of Texas. I mean he wants to go back to the time of shootouts at the okay corral in fact in this day and age, he’d probably sell tickets to it.

    1. There’s more “shootouts” happening everyday in democrat controlled Chicago than in the entire State of Texas. And Illinois has far more gun laws than Texas. If you lived in Chicago, then it’s easy to understand the Texas Governor.

    2. @Doug Ohaver So now your defense is some bizarre Russia conspiracy deflection? Sounds about right. Fin Moron.

    3. @Jimmy James oh you are so definitely right, Supreme Warlord. Your subscriptions say a lot about your state of mind

  4. all that needs to happen is to get 2 million new black gun owners they’ll get gun reform in a new york minute!

    1. Why? He’s a know-nothing, do-nothing puppet. Gun show loophole? That garbage talking point has been debunked for years.

  5. Justice Antonin Scalia: “We’ll see. Obviously the Amendment does not apply to arms that cannot be hand-carried — it’s to keep and “bear,” so it doesn’t apply to cannons — but I suppose here are hand-held rocket launchers that can bring down airplanes, that will have to be decided.”

  6. ONLY Joe would have 5 esteemed experts around the table, yet he does most of the talking-why?

    1. b/c he’s holding a press conference about it & only don the con spent all his time watching & calling into State fox “news”.

  7. *RUSSIAN ROYALTY: Russian Royalty is America (Prussia) and so is the U.S.A. together as always in History but the British have sided with Germany.*

  8. Mandatory safety training that includes safe storage methods? Idk, but with theft it seems that people who break into houses go for the things that are easy to grab, if guns are locked up in a way that takes time to access they are less likely to be stolen as often?
    Just an idea

  9. We are going to do it even if the ( do nothing jellyfish) republicans don’t go along. SO DO SOMETHING, DEMS! Tired of hearing that! DO SOMETHING! VOTE, AMERICA, FOR THOSE WHO REALLY DO SOMETHING FOR US!!

  10. its all relative, if ur president was breaking laws why cant i,,, rot starts at the top,, and trump is still not in jail,, why?

  11. Gun rights need to come with responsibility. If your gun commits a crime you go to jail! Will people lock their guns up? Yes! Will people sell guns outside the law? No! Will you let your cousin borrow a gun? No! Will you report your gun being stolen? Yes! do we need a national gun registration? Yes! Take pride in your gun collection!
    If the Government really wanted to take you out make no mistake a drone would find your phone and end everything within 20ft of it! And the news would report a meth lab explosion! end of story.

  12. Good luck banning extended magazines. California did that, and a Bush appointed judge just struck the law down. The same judge also struck down a law preventing AR-15s.

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