White House Sr. Adviser For Migration On Migrant Family Reunification | MSNBC 1

White House Sr. Adviser For Migration On Migrant Family Reunification | MSNBC


Amy Pope, White House Sr. Adviser for Migration, comments on immigration and the border crisis.
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  1. This is a human tragedy and I’m sure the this Administration will actually do it’s best to help the people.

  2. Remember when the republican solution to our decades of Immigration issues was to build a wall in the middle of nowhere that would be paid for by stealing money set aside for military families’ housing and schools?
    Solid plan right there!

    1. Stealing money? Lol. The President has the authority to divert funds from the Military for national security reasons. But, you sheeple, brainwashed MSNBC viewer’s are clueless to how Government actually works.

    2. The humanitarian crisis is the result of Biden’s non-plan. You people are so brainwashed.

    1. @Simon Templar well, decency restoration in progress. These poor children unfortunately will never forget.

  3. Oh, the vice-president needs to go to the border nonsense. As though she would look 200 yards to the right and left and have an apipfany. She’s an executive in the white house who has access to experts and data, not a wingnut who provides a camera-ready narrative at the border.

  4. One of those…media made up..feel good stories. Joes speech tanked. This is damage control

  5. Nothing being done by Biden’s chosen; Kamuela. It shows the world how much they care about the humanitarian crisis they created.

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