White House Tries To Halt John Bolton Book Publication, Claims It Includes ‘Classified’ Info | MSNBC

White House Tries To Halt John Bolton Book Publication, Claims It Includes ‘Classified’ Info | MSNBC 1


    1. @TheBase1aransas Yes, because having evidence is “opinion” now.

      Like I’ve told other Trump supporters, just because you don’t like the evidence, just because you ignore the evidence, doesn’t mean it’s there.

      PS: Dude, if you want to look at corruption that is being put on display for the world to see, look at the Senate. A trail without witnesses and evidence isn’t much of a trial. Oh, and before you go whine about how the Democrats should have had “more evidence”, Trump ordered those with it to ignore their summons, as well as ignore orders to hand over documents. How you don’t notice that corruption is beyond me.




      I’ll repeat myself. Once you actually have an argument, let me know.

    2. @Drake Fire In case you haven’t noticed, the NYT is not a very reliable news source. Focus on the actual EVIDENCE being read into the record at the Senate Trial. There is way more being accomplished than meets the superficial glance. HINT: The Biden questions aren’t a deflection from @POTUS.

    3. Everything is hidden in plain sight… like the transcript that proves, President Trump said nothing wrong in the phone call between him and the president of Ukraine. The sore-loser Dems continue to ignore that fact.

    1. @Ed S they are not victims ! They know exactly what they are doing , they are just more emboldened now because drumph is the same as they are ,, crooks and con artists,, traitors to the American Constitution !

    2. Colin Rowling no the average trump supporter watches fox news and listens to AM talk shows and to trump rallies. They have been brain washed by the lies and propaganda being spread in their circles. They are our countrymen and victims. As far as the rich that don’t pay taxes, well they have always taken advantage of poor republicans. That is what their party is all about.

    1. @James M close, but no cigar. DJT wants to protect, in order,
      (A) Donald J Trump
      (B) anyone named Trump
      (C) any trump owned businesses or properties
      (D) anyone named Kushner, or their business and properties
      (E) Any GOP donors, or their businesses and properties.
      (F) any other big business that might be potential GOP donors
      {G} GOP voters
      (H) any international countries or businesses that can aid him in getting reelected.
      (I) any white supremisicist or Christian organizations.
      (J) any Black or Latino voter dumb enough to potentially be (G) above
      (K) Any other democrats that might be dumb enough to change to (G) above
      (L) all other American voters
      (M) everybody else on the planet, and the planet itself
      (N) aliens or other planets that might vote for him
      (O) the Constitution of the United States of America
      (P) the Rule of Law

    2. *Trump Muddies Impeachment Timeline*
      November 11, 2019

      ” *The whistleblower complaint was filed on Aug. 12.* However, the first rough outlines of the complaint only began to trickle out publicly in mid-September, beginning with an anonymously sourced story in the Washington Post on Sept. 18. Several days later, the Wall Street Journal, again citing anonymous sources, reported that Trump “in a July phone call repeatedly pressured the president of Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden’s son,” and urged President Volodymyr Zelensky to “work with Rudy Giuliani on a probe that could hamper Mr. Trump’s potential 2020 opponent.”

      Here’s the order of events that happened next over three days in late September.

      On Sept. 24, Pelosi announced that the House would begin an impeachment inquiry.

      *On Sept. 25, the White House released a memo of the call* , which confirmed that Trump asked Zelensky to investigate the Bidens. The memo isn’t a verbatim transcript, but rather the notes taken by assigned staff.

      On Sept. 26, the House intelligence committee released a redacted copy of the whistleblower complaint.”

      Please note that Mind Freshener is a well know Trump mis-information propagandist.

    3. @thisguy Your rebuttal was a fail.

      I have been told by people they didn’t know about Atkinson.

      And what I am posting is gaining.

      You lose. I triumph.

      It will always be thus.

  1. Strange thing is, tRump has no idea what a classified document or information is and how it’s protected or declassified. REMOVE the corrupt and compromised asset from office NOW.

    1. Like him giving an oath to document he can’t even read or understand? Not that an oath would mean anything to him even if he did. He has all the self control, intelligence, and ethics, of a three year old.

    2. This is true, andrew Johnson version 2.0 has in all stupidity vomited 3 times highly classified government information that i know of.

    3. @Ez-8 Gotta love Sondland discussing sensitive ongoing diplomatic negotiation regarding military aid on a commercial cellphone connected to a Russian owned cellular network in the Ukraine. Rudy effing going to an apple store to hand his device over to a sales clerk and butt dialling “we need a couple hundred K” to a reporter. They leave a string of email and WhatsApp comms all over the place. I wouldn’t trust these people with a shopping list, much less a classified document.

    1. @William M hey hey hey what’s wrong with sesame street? I used to love that show as a child and so do my children.

    2. @funkmike I could tell you were joking…. But people are touchy these days so I understand the confusion. Russia’s tactics have worked perfectly. Everyone is super on edge and no one knows who the trolls are anymore because everyone seems like a troll.

    1. Trump’s team providing the best promotion a publisher could wish for. Thanks, Ellen J. Knight @ National Security Council.

    2. @Mind Freshener Why do trumptads think everything fiction except what comes out of the mouth of an orange man who has over 16,000 documented LIES in 3 years? I’m guess it’s because they’re so flucking stupid and hypnotized by Fox hate.

  2. Am I the only one that thinks tRump’s administration becomes more like Hitler’s Nazi Germany each and every day.

    1. @JRG2733 you should watch the movie on Amazon Forbidden Borders and you will see how Socialism affected the Russians and the Berlin Wall

    2. @wel1968 yes, he is a symptom of American people’s alienation and apathy. The American people are the sole purveyors of power to their governors. They just haven’t had to fight for their republic since they first instituted it.

    3. NOPE! Been thinking that for over two years. And professors have written articles in major publications warning of exactly this scenario. Some written before 2 years ago.

    1. And tried defraud his own dement-ridden father, to make *him* the sole heir, screwing over his siblings in the process.


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