White House Turns To Domestic Agenda After Afghanistan Exit 1

White House Turns To Domestic Agenda After Afghanistan Exit


Reporting that Intel shows extremists plan to be at the Capitol rally in D.C. And Biden orders declassification of FBI 9/11 documents. We discuss with Susan Page, Eugene Daniels, and Frank Figliuzzi.

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    1. @Geff Joldblum Joe Biden is too busy WORKING to have rallies. Drump spent 4 years doing rallies, and not much else. And if you plan to say “Trump got a lot done…” Please have examples, or I will hurt your feelings.

    2. @Don Newton that’s completely unfair Don, what about all the golfing 45 did. At least a year of his presidency spent at his golf courses.

    3. @Leonie Romanes The golfing was all about keeping his mind clear so he could work on the rally speeches. It’s a Zen thing.

    4. @Leonie Romanes SO what He paid his way on everything while the DEMS and RINO,s took money. Try researching why most of them are in prison now.Dc is done with Gov relocating out of DC

    1. @Ice 247 We also know that MSDNC pushed the narrative that Progressives and Greens were really paid Russian trolls that don’t REALLY care about the environment- that we just want to agitate. So I guess you’re saying anyone who cares about Afghani women is a troll, huh?

    2. @Ice 247 No, trolls and bots exist. Absolutely. But it’s also true that the Democrats exploit that to their own benefit. I read a NYT article where a private company made up of two former CIA agents were hired to flood social media with troll accounts with Russian usernames and misspellings that endorsed the Republican candidate. They were trying to create the illusion that Russia supported the Republicans. On this site, the vast majority of people dismissing others as Russian trolls is completely unfounded. A leftist accusing someone of working for Putin is a meme at this point. What’s the weather like in St. Petersburg? It’s ridiculous

    3. @Ice 247 No it wasn’t. But it IS a lie when people on this site accuse anyone with a contrary opinion of being paid Russian trolls. You know, as far as I’m concerned, the Russian interference was almost a net positive for Democrats because they now have a way of dismissing and attacking anyone who disagrees with them. If you bring up Biden’s withdrawal and the resulting horrors that will be done to Afghani women, I’ll simply accuse you of getting paid by Putin for bringing that up.

    1. Name one thing Joe biden did?? Joe Biden was executed 2019 That actor from the studio. EBS is coming out Be prepared for all the truth thats coming out Hope you can take it.Most will not be able to. Why would Trump be jealousy of a actor?? GROW UP truths coming out.Lies will get you Thats why most DEMACRATS ARE IN PRISON NOW what you see are doubles.

    2. @Emelia Thompson President TRUMP is still President he is the 19th President of the Republic of the United States of America not the DEFUNCT CORPORATION INC thats nothing. research whats going on. He is nit the fraud DEMACRATS and RINO

  1. Biden needs to look at these supreme courts judges and other unqualified federal judges trump/McConnell brought into the swamp!!

    1. @Paul Wilson defunct Corporation inc thats over with.we are Constituion Republic DEMs never went by the constituion nor rule of law Trump did. Thats why they wanted him out he is exposing them Be prepared for all the truth to come out EBS Hope you all can handle it. Real Biden was executed Thats actor.

    2. @marlene mead we are a democratic socialist constitutional republic called the United States of America. Please educate yourself to reality.

    1. Proud boys think their guns can shoot drones thousands of feet in the air, or the munitions those drones can drop onto the domestic terrorists houses. Be safe everyone, it’s about to get rough…

    2. @Athony Rivers where were you on January 6th ?Where have you been since ?
      Get your head out of your backside.

  2. The Saudish haven’t been anywhere near forthcoming. They are and have been Frenemies to the US for a long time. Mr. Bone Saw would be embarrassed, so nothing will come of it.

  3. Did Ms Page call Manchin a “moderate democrat”, really? Holy cow, I’d call that individual a right-wing un-democrat.

  4. 300 million a day ,for 20 years
    Afghanistan ,You have lawmakers Talking about let’s pause when It comes to the United States

  5. 300 million a day ,for 20 years
    Afghanistan ,You have lawmakers Talking about let’s pause when It comes to the United States

    1. They are purposely destroying the Great U.S.A. listen the last time we had a fiscally responsible president, was Clinton. At the end of his two terms there was a surplus of money. Bush Cheney gave it back to the people. Allowed a devastating terrorist attack. Started two wars, created a housing market bubble, great depression, and to top it all off bailed out the banks that helped create the mess in the first place. All the Republicans need to open there eyes and read some history. I don’t, I lived through it. Not sure how my head didn’t explode from rage.

  6. Good, go local in red states. Blue states will be prepared for the locusts. They will be sprayed with disinfectants and lasers to turn them blind.

  7. Manchin and Sinema will sabotage the passing of the social infrastructure bill which will endanger any infrastructure plan at all to pass in the end. Put pressure on these two Dem Senators that they will be totally cut off from the caucus if they dare become the obstacle.

  8. Kneeling for BLM and checking his watch at the ceremony for America’s fallen war heroes says everything
    you need to know about this “election cheating President”

    1. In case you don’t know. Trump isn’t in the white house anymore. The cheater is history politically. Hopefully his suit is going to match the orange clown. He’ll feel very stylish.

  9. Just like the 6th there was a lot of chatter about that online everyone in the world knew about it except apparently the FBI and Capitol Police

  10. The domestic issues are a disaster (Covid, jobs, Ida, open borders, inflation, and infrastructure budget) . Everything Biden touches turns to S#!t.

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