1. fucking RELAX people you act like he ran over your puppy. all this stress is too much!! still have 5-16 years left of this Administation. take it easy!

    2. @Jason m yeah.. i mean what kind of dictator leaves when their term is up? i think we have a least 10 years. then Don Jr for a good 30-50 year run.

    3. Adolfo Cardoza…. Trump is no Angele or god his like u… But there is a true man of gods behind him…
      Trump is abusing his powers

  1. That picture of the imbecile staring into the sun is iconic. I hope it is used in all the history books in their sad chapter on the Trump administration.

    1. That will be a highlight of Trump believing in scientists predicting a solar system event, except for when he burned his retinas. Of course, you need more than a good set of eyes to actually see in this world and Trump is severely lacking in what’s needed.

  2. The republicans told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.

    1. Even freakier is that his idiot supporters believe him . And sadly, he plays these dumbasses like the morons they are!

    2. @rolback Obama goofed and actually said 57 states. This is no way the same level as Trump who has intentionally lied 15,000+ , and you clueless idiots believe every word he says LOL!!!

    1. @Jason m I’m rubber and you’re glue. Do you really think I’m incorrect? Are you scared of the truth? You should be.

    1. good call! nothing better than killing protestors, take a note of this how much would you like to kill Trump supporters? gotta take away the guns first though

  3. The chosen one said it himself what’s you’re seeing and what you’re hearing is not what’s happening

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