White House Withdraws Neera Tanden Nomination | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC 1

White House Withdraws Neera Tanden Nomination | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


MSNBC's Ari Melber reports on the breaking news that President Biden has accepted Neera Tanden's request to withdraw her nomination to be Director of the Office of Management and Budget. Aired on 03/02/2021.
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White House Withdraws Neera Tanden Nomination | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


  1. Suddenly mean tweets are important again. Just like the national deficit, bipartisanship, and congressional authorization.

    1. No whats important is that she was a Union buster and progressives don’t like that. Democrats also voted against her it’s not all on Manchin

  2. Manchin did not support her because Neera criticized Manchin’s daughter for charging too much for EpiPen and making $19 million in salary.

    1. @T S. Racist Butthurt “Bernie Bros” still upset over the 2016 loss are upset a woman of color spoke her mind..

  3. Lol “bipartisanship didn’t work out this time” you don’t say? It’s almost like it hasn’t existed for 20yrs now…

  4. Tanden desired to strip Social Security, is against equitable Medicare health assistance, and is a corporate beneficiary. She is NOT “moderate”, but oppressively rightwing, backwards, a creature of the pre1929 past.

    1. @Matt Gibbs what makes you think Joe is on the right? He voted for segregated schools, that’s as far KKK left as it gets…. stop trying to blame the republicans for the evils of the left!

  5. I find it hard to believe that Tanden was the best person for the job. She might have been mediocre, but I’m not going to cry over an establishment-type not getting confirmed.

    1. Why would you say that so reflexively? Because she‘s a woman of colour? Trump hired disgraceful, unqualified and unfit white men throughout his government and cabinet. She’s an outstanding candidate with a strong resume for the role. Biden’s Chief of Staff has said they’re gonna find a role for her to serve in the government, rightly so!

    2. She’s a fighter and the double standard she’s had to go through because of the hypocritical GOP is appalling! Enough with snowflake GOP members using their white privilege to discredit minority voices wanting to serving this country

    3. @Khizar Ilyas Thankyou.. what galls me is that so called “white liberals” ( aka Bernie Bros) have exposed themselves as being every bit as racist as the Maga thugs.. in 2016 we saw this on full display.. They dont want People of Color in key positions.. so they make up lies

  6. good. anyone who would physically assault a journalist for asking a question of her candidate does not belong in the role

    1. Well t rump s people that that he put in place, omersrasa, the supposed Brain doctor, etc. yeah well ..

  7. People are focusing on her stupid tweets instead of focusing on how much of an insurance industry shill she was her entire career. I’m very glad Neera will never get the nod.

    1. @Karishma Sabnani I love how you throw around the race/ religion card, when I bring up Neera Tanden’s corruption. My distaste for Neera Tanden has nothing to do with her race/ religion, and everything to do with her anti-union and pro-war beliefs. It has everything to do with her proposed cuts to social security and Medicare, and her opposition to $15 an hour minimum wage. Neera Tanden has taken more special interest money than just about anyone in Washington, D.C.

      How dare you try to make this a race/ religion issue, when it has _absolutely nothing_ to do with my opposition to her. I only care about policy, and you malign all of the actual victims of racism and xenophobia. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  8. Bi-partisan resentment. Thank you, it’s about time it was represented as such. She was the wrong person for OMB.

    1. @Noir Path no nitwit. You identity politics lunatics that are willing to ignore Tanden’s record simply on the basis of her race, gender, ancestry, etc. Lol, you don’t even realize how racist you “woke” numb skulls are

    2. it was wrong then it’s wrong now. not sure why she should get a break cause he did. sound like a kid argument.

  9. Tweets have consequences in this administration and folks not liking her ‘style’ have consequences.

  10. The GOP Hybrid: Shameless Hypocrisy, truth need not apply. Every one of our Forefathers are hanging their heads in shame.

  11. I question who Joe Manchin is bowing down to, who his donors are. What a ridiculous way to run a government

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