1. @Hollywood Dodger If you think he’s bad, you should see the guy he beat. It’s a shame so many of us were practically forced to vote for Biden just to get trump out of office.

    2. @Alibaster Salimander an’t you suppose to be paying tRUMP his money , so he can live in the life style he claims he is entitled to.

    1. They aren’t stopping at that. They are releasing a medication that is taken twice a day, everyday that is supposed to help your body fight Covid. This is getting laughable. It’s almost like this was done on purpose. I know I know thats crazy talk. The pharmaceutical industry is known for its ethics.

    1. Has anybody ever question why you need a third booster shot when you only needed one shot of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine in you hear nothing whatsoever about needing a booster from Johnson and Johnson they just conducted a study which I don’t know why the mainstream media is not talking about showing that the Johnson & Johnson is still 95% effective six months later why Pfizer and moderna are clearly failing

    2. @Wieslaw Maciag yes and they said the Johnson & Johnson vaccina are effective They Don’t Know Much More they’re waiting for more studies but one thing we do know for a fact is that fisa and moderna is only 50% effective after 5 months of use studies show that Johnson & Johnson is over 90% effective six months after the dose that if people want to keep shooting up every 3 months vaccines that they’re not sure of long-term effects of go right ahead be my guest

    1. Like the rat democrat Newsom (Governor of California) telling people to wear masks and not go to restaurants. Then the rat does the exact opposite.


  2. I estimated my risk and talked to my doctor and I decided not to take the vaccine. Thank you all for being understanding. If I have any symptoms, I will immediately quarantine. However for those who are vaccinated and are not symptomatic, be cautious not to spread the virus by washing your hands and wearing your mask. Silence spreaders are difficult to avoid.

    1. What did you use to estimate your risk? Not trying to be mean, but if that’s your photo, you look a little chubby — Obesity is the highest risk category, LITERALLY, the highest risk for covid fatalities.

  3. I’ll wait until the medical experts say when what necessary is to do. If I listen to anyone whether they’re politicians or cray-cray antimaskers/antivaxxers, I’ll be dead.

    1. How liberals achieve “Scientific Consensus”:

      Step 1- Claim all scientists agree with liberals.

      Step 2- Wait for a scientist to disagree.

      Step 3- Publicly shame the scientists who disagree as a “denier” and Trump supporter and depend on the liberal media to repeat your attack.

      Step 4- Return to step 1

  4. My mom got her boost here in Canada on Friday. I’m so happy for her and all the other residents in her nursing home and many others.

    No one in her nursing home, and a couple others in my rural area, have died of covid thankfully, because they have taken great care and kept strict precautions. My friend moms nursing home in Toronto lost over 30 people.

    Not sure the booster should be for anyone that doesn’t have any comorbidities. I have at least 4 so I would definitely get one if available as well.

  5. Labor day weekend saw an increase of 300% increase but they’re not telling you thats the backlog of like 2-3 weeks and it just happened to process this weekend.
    Read their data. Thats how they make this spikes, with backlogs in democratic states. Then they drop them all at once and it goes trougth the roof.

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