'White Nationalism Is One Hell Of A Drug': Trump Slammed After Calling MAGA Rioters 'Tremendous' 1

‘White Nationalism Is One Hell Of A Drug’: Trump Slammed After Calling MAGA Rioters ‘Tremendous’

Right-wing conspiracy theories spread rampantly at CPAC, where Trump further fueled his big election lie and attendees cheered for low vaccination numbers. Republican leadership has been criticized for doing nothing to stop the conspiracies. Former Vermont Governor Howard Dean joined The Beat, saying Americans will pay for this unchecked spreading of misinformation "with their lives". (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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  1. How many Trump supporters does it take to change a lightbulb? None. Trump will say that he alone fixed it beautifully while his supporters are still applauding him in the dark 3 weeks later.

    1. @Anna Lieff-Saxby Russia hacks us and Dementia Joe gives them a list of things not to hack! WTF DEMENTIA JOE!!

    2. @Dementia Joe Kid Touch How is that in any way related to my post about lobbying? It’s also BS, of course, but worse than that, it’s irrelevant BS.

    3. @Anna Lieff-Saxby Biden took sanctions off Russia and after they hacked us Biden gave Russia a list of the worst things they could hack! It figures that its actually Dementia Joe working for Russia!!!!

    4. @Anna Lieff-Saxby No but its not surprising that it has been Biden who seems to be working for Russia!!

    1. A wise man once said, “history repeats itself and we know this. However, the change matters only if we learn from our mistakes.”

    2. I don’t mind it. I say we give Trump and his cult their own ranch or whatever and they can live on it together and be happy. Maybe even an island. Or hey, purchase some land somewhere! Like in Guyana.

    1. @Dolores Reynolds The opt word was lost as in Trump-as You said is true very little side effects.I was aiming sarcastic conspiracy at the right -in fact feeling the confidence of having a 327 under your hood was the metaphor.-sorry for the confusion.

    2. thats not the same vax bro. you’re joking right? they give us all the one that is free for a reason.

  2. Beware they are getting on school boards local offices.they mobilized in a big way,ignorance is spreading.Democrats get complacent they gonna lose,I worry for my children.

    1. This is generational going all the way back to the Christian crusades and the “Discovery of the New World.” These people are the children that you are afraid for. This didn’t just happen overnight. This mess has been embedded in our culture since day 1.

    2. Yes they have been getting into jobs position across the board with all jobs, and they are keeping others from getting hired or being able to keep job…silent war fare..from palm beach county Florida trailer park 33428

  3. This madness only will end when Trump is in jail. Come on Cyrus Vance, do your job. If the company is dirty and the CFO is dirty obviously Trump is dirty, he’s the owner

    1. The problem is not just Trump. It’s 40% of the populous. What do you do about all those people? This must be the largest cult in human history!

    2. @Andrew Scotton , true. If Hitler had not been there, the desperate Germans would have continued with their Weimar Republic. Without a charismatic leader ( Trump is for his base), this would have stayed a low burning resentment in Idaho. The way it was for years. Fidel Castro died in power because, despite many trying to substitute him, he kept them in check. We must use the law to do the same here. Hitler used the Nuremberg laws to suppress the Democratic Parties and Jews. We must do it now! They are trying to change laws to eternize themselves in power. We must outsmart them

    3. Unfortunately it won’t end with trump. The people supporting him will still be there and still be just as dangerously stupid as ever. We’re just lucky that trump is a buffoon or else we’d really be in trouble

  4. And everyone that is saying don’t take the vaccine has taken it. Don’t those republicans know this?

    1. @Maxwell Unknown Yes t***p puts together many sentences that are full of lies, whining, and total BS. He did say the Capitol riot was a love fest and he said it all in one sentence. Bravo!!

    2. @phil heidt – “The Orangeins of Covfefe: I Are #45”:
      Doesn’t *that* sound like a book he’d ‘write’ (using a ghostwriter, of course…who he’d then sue, and *lose to)* …?

    3. @CynAnne1 That was hilarious when t***p, during a press conference with a world leader, wanted to find the orangeins of covid. He said it twice. The Covfefe was from a tweet, the spelling mistakes in his tweets were also hilarious. I remember a MAGAt or Q weirdo that said he was talking in code. MAGAts can be fun, sometimes. Thanks for the laugh.

    4. @phil heidt – ‘Most welcome’.
      And don’t forget #45’s “…lawn and order…” flub, just the other day.

    1. @Gags Double J How do you feel that Jesus was middle eastern, and most like very brown or black with short curly hair to what you see today? He’s not the white depiction you think he might be. Thoughts?

    2. @Gags Double J
      Then Spread the Word for Every American toplease take the Coved-Shot, Let the lord Lord Decide when its time to Die, not the Republicans who are sending them and their families to Die.

  5. Did not (jim Jones do the same. Make everyone do what he said. That if they believed in him they would go to heaven, but to do that they agreed to take there life for the cause and him.

  6. They are willing to sacrifice everyone for their power which they turn on anyone who could limit it.

  7. I’ve never seen love in the air like that either Don. Only a psycho would say such a thing. If anything I’d imagine there was an unbearable stench of BO in the air that day

    1. DES in Maricopa County update your voter registry..
      One per person per address.
      Not one ballot per evrey address ever registered under any1 person…

    2. Oppressed speaker of truth so Trump just said he loves Antifa then he sure is one confused individual that’s for sure

    3. @Oppressed Speaker of truth and yet the GOP voted against investigating this very point….why?

    1. Unlikely he ever had one to begin with “given from whence he comes.” The true tragedy is that his accident was not fatal.

    1. @Benjamin de Montgomery Statisticly more not vaxed neo-fascist GOP-Qers will die of latelate-covid and vaxed non-ss-trumpers will survive. So… there’s hope for the nation, no?

    2. @s7martify its all in the numbers, I do recall my basic human math when you die you cant die again. The hope is that the survivors have something special to contribute. Q-ers and Trumpers that survive. what will they contribute? Whatever it is, hopefully it will be diluted by the rest of humanity.

    3. @Benjamin de Montgomery Q-ers and Trumpers that survive will contribute brand new con tactics, brand new hypocracy and brand new cowards to be sure the real Strumpfffeeling doesn’t die out with the luna-brontosaurs.
      Future is bright nd beautiful…

    4. @Benjamin de Montgomery it’s terrible but true. The crazy thing is, all those CPAC speakers are vaccinated.

  8. Trump is in love with the money in his supporters bank accounts.. that’s his first and only love, sweet sweet cash..

    1. Obama took the title of the worst president in history from Carter….. Biden: “Hold my beer”……… Spills beer.

    2. @hank prusak he also sold influence, as well as cabinet, ambassadorships and other federal positions…just look at our current postmaster general

  9. Of course he doesn’t know what “love” is. He’s used to buying a facsimile. His cult thinks he’s Rambo, when he’s Gabba the Hut.

    1. It’s Jabba unless you meant something else.
      I don’t usually correct people outright but c’mon…star wars….lol

    2. Trump is Superman! Anyone who can take that abuse and still rock 10’s of thousands of supporters is someone I greatly admire! Even with big tech, msm, Dems, he stands stronger and more loved than ever…far more than can be said for Biden

    1. CPAC rocked! Tens of thousands of American patriots preaching common sense. Something missing entirely from Biden.

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