‘White Privilege Card’ Found In Raid Of Men Charged With Plot To Bomb Democrats

The FBI thwarted a plot by two men charged with plotting to bomb the Democrat Party Headquarters in Sacramento after being angered by the outcome of the presidential election. Former U.S. Attorney Joyce Vance tells Lawrence O'Donnell "we have a regrettable tendency to give the white supremacists a pass."
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    1. @Robin Speelman And no one has ever accused Democrats of going all over the country lying that they won a presidential election that all proof shows they clearly lost either!

    2. @V for Wombat Yet BLM persipitated. Nobody told these crazy people to break into the capital. The only difference are the numbers. 500 crazy people, labeled as Trump supporters. Thousands of BLM supporters.

    3. @carolinagallegos They didn’t murder any police officers. Oh you’re talking about the lie CNN told you about a cop being beaten to death with a fire extinguisher. Ya, a lie.

    4. @Lucas Brunelle Can you prove he doesn’t exist? NO, you can’t. It shows how uneducated you are.

    1. @Phillip Rogers those events are decades apart. Surprised you didn’t go to taking religion out of schools.

    2. The number one perk of the Trump Presidency (sickening to even type that) was the racism and that it became mainstream. They were allowed by “the leader” to be openly biased and were told that it was just fine and that they were loved. Because of that, I doubt that most of these people can ever be brought back into the mainstream of civil society.

    3. They were. But if it hadn’t been Trump, they would have used someone else to try to destroy Democracy and install Christian ISIS/Taliban.

    1. @Larry Hutton But, yet, you come on here and tell “EVERYONE” what to do.
      Now, that is some funny sh!t right there.
      I doubt you even seen it.
      What makes your opinion more superior, than anyone else?

  1. if there is no legal accountability for Trump, then Americans may loose their moral value forever in international community

    1. Unfortunately, I think that ship has sailed. Who knows when or if we will ever be able to repair our standing internationally. I think the bigger issue is if we don’t arrest and prosecute everyone from Trump to the insurrectionists from 1-6-21, our democracy may not survive another 10 years. Scary thought

    2. @Enrico Pallazzo “Recently (the last 30 years or so) we’ve had deregulation cause monopolys to the point where a 40 hour work week still qualifies people for welfare and medicaid while companies post record profits and pay their CEOs record wages”

      You are absolutely correct sir! Yet, the Republicans who can’t afford to go to the doctor themselves, still want more of the same deregulation monopolistic powers with no accountability and no proper wages for anyone that we’ve had for the past 40 years… I was so proud to hear Biden say almost those exact words a few days ago!

  2. These people can’t take the realization that Trump’s finished politically and the GOP is following closely behind.

    1. ​@Robert O’Neill The following has come to define the Trump-Loving GOP, which is a radically different GOP than I grew up with. The TL-GOP is…
      Pro-police unless the police in question are the Capital PD or Metro DC PD.
      Pro-rights, unless the rights involve equal access.
      Pro Racial Harmony, as long as the other races remain in their places.
      Pro Constitution, unless that constitution doesn’t allow their man to lose an election.
      Pro Freedom & Liberty — everyone has a fundamental right to carry multiple pipe bombs.

      Pro Truth…. when it’s not inconvenient.

    2. soooo, True…in yrs to come and ppl Finally come to their senses, about DT…they’re gonna have to go in hiding if they supported him…they don’t realize This is going in History Books to Come…Along with All their Names…they’ll be talked about and called a Traitor’s to their Country like Benedict Arnold…their families are gonna have to change their names and stop associating with them once they find out how they Almost Ruined Democracy in this Country…I Don’t see Benedict Arnold’s kin doing the rounds talking about him…and Theirs Won’t Either…

    3. @Robert O’Neill ha ha ha ha Trump pro America? while he tries to undermine our democracy with his fake election claims! You people never cease to amaze me.

    1. @becky doesit Hey, if the GOP really, whole-heartedly believed that it was Nancy Pelosi who staged the attack, don’t you think they would’ve overwhelmingly voted for the commission to investigate it? Something isn’t right here.

    2. @TrollKing9001 lol, You can’t have an intellectual debate with somebody like her. You can’t fix stupid lol. They all breathe these lies to their supporters, and like sheep to the slaughter they all follow him blindly, all while pushing their white power agenda.

    3. @Jane Doe Sorry friend, you can’t disprove a single thing I’ve said. If you could, you’d have done it.

    4. Honey, I am from the South and collaborate everyday with my co-workers of EQUAL (I know a term you only know how to use from an ignorant place) standing who are BLACK/YELLOW/PURPLE to solve complex problems…. The word racist truly only comes form a place of far left ignorant democrat agenda driven place bc they cannot make an otherwise educated argument with facts. I mean one could argue that the “white” house is racist. Why has that not come up…. Oh bc there is no personal agenda driven gain from that arguement. I rest my case.

  3. *It’s clear, Racism at its best, President Lincoln is turning in grave in disgust is happening yet Trump loves to compare himself to Lincoln really* ?

    1. Lincoln is alive, him and JFK jr are gonna be at the next Q event … Trump said it so it has to be true 🤣

    2. Remember the republican party is the party of Lincoln in name only. The platforms for each were switched many decades ago. So the party of Lincoln now is the Democratic party and the party of the Confederacy is the Republicans.

    3. @Kirk! Exactly!
      The Republicans of today are not the same as the Republicans from the 1860s, that was the party of Abraham Lincoln!
      and the Dems from that era are not the same as the Dems of today
      From the civil war era to the jim crow era, R-acist Whiites/The kkklan had an old history of supporting the Democratic Party which at that time, were popularly known as the Dixiecrats, but now, TODAY, the RacistWhiites/far right wing extremists/neoNazis/&kkklan members are the individuals who NOW support the Republican/ReTrumplicans. So yep, the parties have switched. The old Jim crow Dixiecrats are now the Republikkklans

  4. They are out there,just waiting for the next command,and like idiots they will obey. Do as I say,now.

    1. No one “follows” or worships doctors or politicians, except for the Q-cumber cultists. What is the “new date” (since dozens have already past,) for the great cracken awakening (or is that just the pillow crackhead,) and the arrest of all the alien lizard satanic pedos in time for tRumpanzees ascension back into office?¿?

    1. I am sure he is mad because he failed to market it on shirts and other grift swag he sells on his site.

    2. Re: DeSantis, Delta variant does not descriminate as to whom it attacks!
      Maybe, just maybe the people of Florida will wake up!

  5. I hope my senator sees this and realizes that statements like “ America is not racist” is why people call him uncle tom, not because of his political views

    1. The card was actually purposely made as a joke to trigger leftist. It was made by popular youtubers named the Hodgetwins.

    2. @Kobe Westbrook It’s not triggering anyone. They may as well have just hung a sign around their neck that said ‘Involuntarily Celibate Virgin’.

      It would accomplish the same thing.

    1. I wouldn’t put it past him to be its source. Another way to grift off the stupid. Charge $150 and those morons would gladly give up their insulin, food and utility money to be a proud card-carrying member.

  6. When there are no consequences for Trump it opens the door for someone just as evil and a whole lot smarter to follow him and finish destroying our system of government. Someone better act soon to shut him down.

    1. I believe it is very similar to SNL. I think it is absolute propaganda. The description of this outfit is very much like the Hells Angles. Either that or they are a benign organization promoting healthy ethnic solidarity. Maybe they will take a page from the BLM Play book and start selling T-shirts and garden flags.

    2. “A whole lot smarter” you don’t really have to be all that smart to be smarter than the genius trump….man, woman, camera

      But agreed, let’s flush this turd already…

    3. In order to have consequences you need to have a reason for consequence. We cannot deny that the Trump administration has done irrevocable damage to the corrupt and entrenched political class as well as globalism. They have taught the American people that a supercharged economy can be obtained without government programs although he did en vogue our iconic JFK tax plan that was mainly responsible for supercharging the economy before COVID-19 struck the world. So we see a great deal of Vindictiveness on the part of the political class.
      What we don’t have any crimes. I have examined this very carefully, talked to a number of insiders, We cannot put any finger on any crime that he or his family may have committed. His CFO is under indictment but that is likely a political indictment by a corrupt prosecutor. Do we want to hold Joe and his family to the same standards that we are holding Trump and his family? I don’t think so because there are already rumblings about ethical problems with Joe’s brother, his son and Kamala‘s niece. I think these will go away because of our compliant media. But in order to have consequences we need to have crimes and we can’t find any.

    4. @T. R. Campbell You dont have access to all the facts you’d need to make such a determination, regardless of how ‘inside’ your insider buddies are

  7. I am sure that RACIST Senator Ron Johnson will blame these cards on BLM and Antifa. Second verse, same as the first.

    1. @CRYPTOTWINS According to him & you…In all honesty,, he isn’t worth the toilet paper I use to wipe his portrait off my azz every morning.

  8. The former president said it was a love fest, everyone was loving each other ( Jan.6 riot). tRump needs to share the blame. tRump is responsible . Charge him like the traitor he is.

    1. I blame Biden and his D.O.J for not wanting to do anything that would end up in proscecuting a former president. I mean really what did Trump do that wasn’t prosecutable?

    2. @Marshall Miller please, prove that the Democrats planned this to set up 45. That is an utterly ridiculous statement. How do you think that the democrats were so smart as to be able out smart 45, he who claims to know everything about everything until he needs to ask a rally to explain the tax code to him.

  9. Instead of being responsible for their own lives, they want to blame the government, or people of color, etc.

    1. That’s been the game plan for fascists throughout the last 100 years. Look at both Mussolini and tRumps idol, that crazy Austrian ex-corporal with the really dumb looking Charlie Chaplain mustache.

    1. You mean like requesting national guard for jan sixth and being denied by Pelosi? You mean like no signs off fraud even though we know 3500 bare minimum ballots were duplicated in Georgia. We know only 13k voted decided Georgia and we know 27 boxes of ballots audit slip was forged and fraudulent.just like we know 35000 people voted by mail who had lawfully left Georgia during the pandemic ?

    2. @Marshall Miller You mean like Tweeting out “We love you!” to the insurrectionists? Your Fox News cult is full of liars.

    3. @Marshall Miller You mean the National guard called by Pelosi AND Pence called first. Had Pence and Pelosi hadn’t called their people in the National Guard more people would have died

    4. @Marshall Miller Literally everything you said is wrong. And you might want to learn grammar before trying politics.

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