1. @Lame Liberal apologies for the sliver thing,I was wrong on that,my ocd gone overboard,I served n it’s a sensitive topic for me,my point about the military stuff left behind is I’m sick of the war hawks in the media making a big deal out of that,what happend was absolutely one of the best outcomes,we had a choice to stay there after the deadline at which point the ceasefire with the taliban is over,they made that abundantly clear,Biden would have to have poured a lot more troops into what would have been a hot zone,a lot more lives would have been lost on both sides.
      I don’t care about the arms left behind,it’s nothing the military are going to miss,sure its a small propaganda coup for the taliban but in the grand scheme it don’t mean 💩, the taliban will probably be making all sorts of deals with China for access to the minerals so they are not in short supply of munitions.im just glad it’s over n sick of the doom and gloom as if another war has just kicked off.

    2. ​@Ash Roskell Wtf are you even on about. Did you literally just claim that Biden’s earlier than expected withdrawal, which caused 13 U.S. Soldier Deaths and over approximately 100 afghan deaths, is the smoothest military accomplishment you’ve ever seen? The move that ally nations are upset about because it left them unprepared? The move that likely left U.S. Citizens behind?

      If that’s what you’re proud of then all I have to say is “. . . Dayem, son . . . 🤦‍♂️” I’m surprised you got 3 likes.

      P.s. Educate yourself on January 6th including each persons cause of death, as well as the false narrative that was quietly rescinded by the Media in accord to corrections made by the Autopsy report and family claims. Oh and stop being racist. It doesn’t make you cool.. “son”.

    3. @Flusha Art lol, they are so inclusive now! They gave all the women protective WuFlu masks, jobs as executive and personal “stress relievers”, they are teaching actors, comedians, artists and the LGBT community to dodge bullets (some learning curve involved), and since math and science is sexiest, women are no longer able to study anything! Problems solved. Pedojoe who had a hand in every minute of that “forever” war cowardly retreated as soon as they showed up.

  1. They trying to take Taliban cuz United States citizens this is so funny like really you really think people believe you

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  3. The same people would attend the second attempt at house cus they been told too many lies and expect too damn much so of course discord insues.

  4. First white supremacist are “overly patriotic” and the american flag is a symbol of white supremacy… now white supremacist hate their country and love terrorist? Sorry CNN you can’t spin this one. Doesn’t even make sense

  5. How you would connect what the taliban have done to American citizens creating militia groups. Since they want to go off skin tone, don’t they have mirrors.

    1. @Martin Copeland  *ANTIFA* trained with *ISIS* (use: DDG to search images)

      *ANTIFA* ( _Antifaschistische Aktionen_ ) joined the KPD ( _Communist Party of Germany_ ) prior to joining the *NAZI* party.

    2. @Mike oh you have, they just haven’t been so open about it until now. They’re cowards until they have someone to follow.

  6. Duh!
    ‘Chess moves don’t work in a Go tournament. “- Aaron Kuntze
    We learned that lesson in Vietnam..
    We told “W” not to go…

  7. They are US citizens, free to relocate wherever their politics lead them and it is not in the US. One way ticket to ride

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