White Supremacists Are 'rebranding' After The Capitol Riot 1

White Supremacists Are ‘rebranding’ After The Capitol Riot


Hundreds have been charged in the January 6th insurrection, including 16 members of the far-right Oath Keepers militia and over two dozen of the Proud Boys. But “Hatemonger” author Jean Guerrero warns not to expect a decline in extremist groups. She shares how Republicans have helped mainstream white supremacy. 

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    1. @gizzy guzzi The fact that you said there are no white supremacists makes you lose all credibility. It’s hard to find white supremacists if you’re a privileged white person. The white supremacist hate rarely gets directed towards other white people. People who aren’t white or know better will just laugh at you when you make such silly and easily disprovable statements. White supremacy is the biggest domestic terror threat according the FBI.

    2. @Foxykins I’m hard right and I’ve never met one. Met a few people who were prejudiced but never met anyone on the right openly racist or believing anyone was superior due to their race or gender.

    3. @NL’s Lucky Egg Media controls the narrative and controls the worlds view of America.

    1. @Stefan Jakubowski so you want to change the subject and attack me with a straw man.
      That means you have no good response to what im posting.
      If you have a problem with the MPD and how they train their officers you should talk to amy Klobuchar and kieth elison. They are the 2 people that have been in charge if policing that police department for the last 2 decades.
      And no im not ok with how floyd died. I think that could have been handled differently but that does not justify burning and looting a city causing harm to many innocent peoples lives.
      As for Breanna Taylor it appears that you believe media lies i think that you need to do some research on that case.
      That being said i also think we could use some reform on how warrants are served.
      There is more nuance to all of this than the black and white narrative our lying media presents.

    2. @Will Peyton no cities weren’t lit on fire, some buildings were, some by right wing infiltrators per fbi, others by hurt and angry people
      Here is a interesting point
      In the woman’s March 600 people were arrested
      On jan 6th 6 on on that day
      Woman’s march was overly peaceful,hmmm

    3. @Stefan Jakubowski someone has been lying to you.
      You are very brain washed in a very partisan manner.

  1. *Pay Attention America! Demand Justice of these criminal insurrectionists for the treasonous behavior now! These people should no longer have Democratic rights! PERIOD!*

    1. @Mauser
      Pretty sure 100% of all racist white people are in Republican.. Try again. No one believes you.. Unless you can justify why white supremacist, kkk and neo nazi all support Republican… I bet you think they are in Republican to fight equal right for all colors? LOL..

    2. @Mauser Oh! That’s where Republicans got that method from! Yeah they are really picking up on communist ideology like blind, cult like following of a fascist leadership, anti American disdain for democracy and obvious political corruption!!!

    3. @whatsyurprob ? That is irrelevant to the fact that our form of government is based on democratic principles.

    1. What r they going to do when he dies? He’s not looking to good, his dementia is getting worse every day!

    2. @susan sellars media and courts need to wear him down harder. the qtrump qult is passionate but small in numbers. dems need to step up locally and 2022

    1. @w41duvernay
      The “southern strategy” goes back to strom thurman and the dixicrats who later switched to the republican party after the signing of the Civil Rights Act in 1964.
      The southern strategy was meant to separate the conservative democrat party from the civil rights, anti-segregationist, liberal northern democrats, like Eisenhower and Johnson, to vote for pro-segregation, jim crow southern republicans.
      While successful in doing so, it also triggered a mass exodus of “Lincoln Republicans” to join the liberal democrats, and the collapse of the dixicrat party that was absorbed by the new post-civil rights republican party, who rebranded themselves as the “law and order” party with nixon.
      The oppressive laws of the “law and order” party were specifically targeted to effect the non-white communities.
      Just as in diaper donny dumps “law and order” administration, the law and order only applies to the non-magacult population, with an obvious disregard of law and order for the criminally corrupt, treasonous, magacult sycophant politicians and christian white-nationalist magacult terrorists and traitors who support ol’ Methaleptic Mussolini.
      The republican party has had the 100% unanimous support of the white-supremacist, white-nationalist, neo-natzee, kkk, christian-nationalist and racist rando demographics since 1964.
      The Republican party of Lincoln became the modern Democratic party, while the racist, confederate democrat-dixicrat party became the modern republican party and most recently devolved into the magacult American fascist dictatorship party.
      Two Dimensional Patriotism
      (For display purposes only)

      I, alias; Satanic Microchip, having so solemnly sworn to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, will continue to do so, even though my term of military service has ended.
      So help me Whiskey.

      Liberty and Justice for ALL.
      This We Wil Defend.

      MAKE A HOLE!!!
      Sappers clear the way!

      (‘Cos even 11Bravos need heroes.)

    2. Dump’s been trying to rebrand himself ever since the January 6th insurrection, but not even that is helping him.

    1. @Rasheed Gazzi There are a lot of cooks, and PFCs. Real tough guys are not compelled to act out. These are the kind of people that hate black people then go march about it in a college in North Carolina.

    1. Said that are you better than others are you perfect? Which is the worst , Steal, Rifof, Killer, liars! We now facing all these problems with Democrats Group Voodoo, Wicthcraft, BlackMagic, Ghost, they using on people in America and they brought in to America illegal immigrants all those are Democrats group members, they are killing us ,stealing homes, business, money in the banks from our personal one by one, you need to wake up and learn about what happens to everyone outthere, may including yourself. NO JOKE. IT’S REAL LIFE.

    2. @Lynn Schmitt, I can’t watch the fake news Oan, newsmax or fox noise propaganda. They’re really just selling their fake religion and their opinions are just the opinions of people who have lost all their integrity to a conman.

    1. You guys are so far into your echo chambers you’ve created entire new realities to justify your bigoted and violent delusions.

    2. @Stefan Frankel i commend you on your vigilance. Positive vibes from New Hampshire and remember to be kind to each other and yourself during this pandemic and social crisis

    1. @Alex Hamilton trump spoke with proud boys during the insurrection, what’s your point snowflake?

    2. @Alex Hamilton anyone who cares about democracy is antifa = anti-facist. I’m guessing you support fascism. BLM = black lives matter I’m guessing you don’t agree so that makes you a white supremacist. You aren’t a good person.

    3. @Laura Gomez National Socialists always say you have to agree with them or you are a deplorable, it’s the Lefty way.

    4. @Sir Francis Drake I certainly didn’t say anyone had to agree with me. The fact remains if you are for fascism and are a white supremacist you are deplorable. WWII was fought in opposition to fascism by the so called left and right. Fascism wasn’t ok then and it’s not ok now. As for blm I don’t think I need to ask where you stand on that since sir Francis Drake was a slave trader.

    1. @Harold Moore fine it really doesn’t matter what I am or you either for that matter. The country is falling apart from the inside and your type hates this country. If you think insulting me from your keyboard solves then think that way, I don’t give a hoot.

    2. @Paul how do we hate this country? We wasn’t the ones who stormed the Capitol over a lie and a liar clown.

  2. They colluded with law makers. Let’s not forget that. The confed politicians need to be put under investigation as well.

    1. i wonder why leftist news networks won’t tell you the truth, that republicans blame gangs/crime for the increase in police brutality, and that shouldn’t stop until gangs and crime is lowered? bailing out antifa members like attempted murder jaleel stallings, thanks kamala. biden is still asking his cartel friends to continue throwing babies over walls and into lakes to avoid patrol boats. burned down 10,000 buildings totalling 2 billion in small business sometimes, and yal are still crying about the capital where only like 500-800 people were involved and trump was denied security services for the capitol by democrats. yal had 40,000+ people tearing down my country.

  3. These are men with a low self-esteem and only feel good in a group. In the group they are violent, if they are alone they are cowards.

    1. @Scott Harrison I don’t have to put thought in to anything much when it comes to you traitors.

    2. @Brian NaveIf you’re so confident in your assertion, how about you go down to Alabama, find the local klan meeting, walk inside, and call them all a bunch of liberal Democrats. See how that works out for you.

  4. SHEETS always maneuver with a stench of mendacity. Up or down draft makes no difference. They are always identifiable.

  5. I find it extremely ironic that a group called the “oath keepers” are attacking people for keeping their oath…and not kowtowing to The Recount of Monte Cristo…

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