White supremacists burned down a Freedom Riders bus in 1961 | USA TODAY 1

White supremacists burned down a Freedom Riders bus in 1961 | USA TODAY


On May 14, 1961, outside Anniston, Alabama, Hank Thomas and other Freedom Riders huddled on a Greyhound bus as a white mob threw a firebomb inside.


Thick smoke billowed out of the shattered bus windows surrounding him, curling in the southern heat. It mixed with a chorus of screams, flung with venom from the mob encircling the marooned Greyhound bus. Inside, he and his fellow passengers crawled between seats through broken glass, gagging as a gritty soot coated their throats.

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    1. @CHIEF TAHCHAWWICKAH Yeah I call bullshit on that one Chief tells tall tales spinning another one

      Ahh sheeit fo reel doe?

    2. @CHIEF TAHCHAWWICKAH maybe you should read a book on intertribal warfare before the white man ever showed up. Tribes raided each other constantly, that is how their young men gained manhood, and it was common practice to torture their captives to death in the most horrible manner possible and then take their women and children as slaves and then occupy that land if the other tribe was not strong enough to retaliate. The history of the world is Written in Blood and mass migration and the Native Americans were not the only ones that were victims of change. Then it was the open-range Cattlemen that tried to stop the sodbusters. Then it was the sodbusters versus the land Grabbers and railroads and real estate tycoons. And on it goes to this day and will still go on later. You better start worrying about what’s going to happen tomorrow

    3. @CHIEF TAHCHAWWICKAH just exactly who made you chief of what tribe, and don’t say Comanche, cuz that’s a non-answer anybody can say that. Let’s have some details and then we’ll see if you’re a bullshit artist or not

  1. Segregation Today , Segregation Tomorrow , Segregation Forever
    ~George Wallace
    We , The Democrat Party Can Get Behind A Man Like George Wallace
    A Man Not Afraid To Say What People Know In Their Gut Is True
    ~Joe Biden

    1. @Chavvy Thanks for copy and pasting it. How come the NBA and the NFL dont have to abide by equal opportunity employer laws. They are the only ones that are allowed to hire by the most qualified applicant. Why is that hmmm

    2. @Joe McFibbin you’re welcome. Now go actually read it, cus how would the NFL or NBA fit into that. Unless you need me to explain what federal means?

  2. Thank god they are covering this. I’ve been waiting for a nice non biased report on this for what seems like forever now….

  3. Hey USA Today, I just figured out what your new slogan should be:

    “USA Today… spreading hate and division across the USA… today.”

    1. @Cici N you literally answered the question “how is this spreading hate?” With “because it was over 60 years ago”

    2. @Chavvy Okay, its clear you are manipulating my words by twisting the first line of my response but ignoring the rest of what I said.
      I’m not into game play conversation. Have a nice day.

    3. @Cici N the rest of your comment is a rhetorical question, not an answer to the question. So maybe youd like to clarify, how is presenting history “encouraging division” and other things?

    4. @Cici N you’re basically saying we shouldnt talk about anything inconvenient to the reputation of white people

    5. @Chavvy No, I’m not “basically saying” any of that. Again, I’m not interested in conversation where a person twists my meaning into what they want it to mean. Bye!

  4. Appreciation for history, And also suddenly; For knowing that I choose what I want to watch, and know that is freely on me to pick things I want to..

    1. Yeah you’d rather live in your echo chamber than learn about controversial historical facts. I know the problems black people face are so inconvenient for you to hear about.

    2. @Verbal Kint how is hearing about how white supremacists were racist leanring anything new? why doesn’t the news ever touch on black supremacist the same way?

  5. Two billion in damages,Politically sanctioned destruction and murder,Focused on a bus fire decades ago ,Fascinating

    1. @Chavvy
      antifa burns down a taxi in 2020. antifa blows a hole in the side of a federal court house in 2020. antifa takes over a city for 6 months in 2020…FU

  6. BLM just burned a house down with a child still inside in Virginia, but let’s reach back 60 years to push a narrative

    1. @Gg Dd right-wing tards caught red handed = every fact I don’t like is fake.

      How’s the flat Earth sites going these days? Getting lots of good memes to brush up on more “facts”

    2. @Bri. F. Are you not following the news? Over half of those involved in the kidnapping attempt were FBI informants. None of the remaining are charged with kidnapping.

      The FBI planned a kidnapping and coerced a few people to go along with it. That’s literal entrapment, hence why the non-FBI informants aren’t being charged with kidnapping.

      I’m sorry that you are so uninformed, but it literally was an FBI kidnapping plot.

    3. @John Roberts You’re over here still working within the political establishment.
      I’m up here saying both parties are to blame.
      I’ve seen you before and I’ve told you this. Stop playing in their games. No left, no right. We the people vs the elites. Very simple.
      Also change your name. You’re going to want to in the future.

    4. @Gg Dd Yeah. The fbi and the cia have been destroying the world and causing suffering since day 1.

  7. I have no problems living in my safe white and Asian neighborhoods with good schools, clean streets,and nice people.

    1. @Cici N you aren’t a centrist I can guarantee that, you politinuts always got some stupid response to dismiss your obvious implication of bias

    2. @Avi I’m not making anything up. You just turn a blind eye to these organizations. Because you know what I said is true. How many cities did the right burn and loot and took over in the past year. Compared to BLM and antifa

    3. @Chris Hansen How about learning to speak without name calling? It leads to a more functional conversation.

    4. @Joe McFibbin im unaware of any terrorist attacks coordinated or committed by antifa/blm. The majority of terrorism in America is committed by the far right. This is well documented fact, take your time

    1. antifa burns down a taxi in 2020. antifa blows a hole in the side of a federal court house in 2020. antifa takes over a city for 6 months in 2020…

    1. @Chavvy thats right, but being the first person to bring up race in a discussion does make you a racist….racist!!

    2. @kevin Wayne how can you spot a racists? They mention they have that one black friend. Always just one guy or woman. Lmao too much carry on my guy.

  8. Wow this is so timely…… I’m glad you’re digging this up to get everyone upset about it all over again…. If it even happened like they say it did, which is doubtful……

    1. Right. There’s only hang ings, cops who sh oot the unarmed and a ser ial c il ler on the loose in St. Louis, c ill ing black women, which is all happening right now. This story brings light to none of that.

    1. @Rosalie Parker and you know who the real racist president is? Biden. His mentor was Robert Byrd, democrat senator and kKk member. But you don’t care because you’re a brainwashed hypocrite.

    2. @Rosalie Parker What does your orange boogeyman have anything to do with this? He’s been GONE since January 20th! I thought you guys voted him out because you don’t want anything to do with him yet you STILL manage to cry about him? I was actually looking forward to seeing you guys end the whining after he left. But oh no, you only got WORSE. Damn it’s creepy.

    3. @Rosalie Parker lmao democrats have been dividing people by race well before Trump showed up. Nice try tho

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