Whiteout conditions cause pileup on Highway 400 in Barrie, Ont. 1

Whiteout conditions cause pileup on Highway 400 in Barrie, Ont.


Whiteout conditions on southbound Highway 400 in Barrie caused a multi-vehicle pileup.

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    1. what captain canada said. i was only there four years… 15 years ago. it sucked. from like october to april. too much snow. dirty cold wind. hard to imagine its in ontario. but its on a snow belt. it’s like night and day between cities. there’s like a line where you get snow. and a lot of it. i think it’s like hwy 89 or 88. it’s been too long.

  1. I used to have to commute to Barrie for night shifts on the 400 during the winter.
    So glad I don’t have to take those roads anymore.

    1. Yep…been on that road many times…it really blows and you can get surprised really quick.

    1. Naa never hit the brakes thats what causes them crashes..I ran through through 3 feet of snow out there at 75 miles an hour..In my 18 wheeler & uper state NY as well..

  2. Oh wow, you’re way up there. We used to go thru Barrie ( from Michigan) on our way to the family cabin on Lake Shawanaga. Long drive!

    1. I drove the opposite direction once…from Barrie Ontario to Detroit MI…why? My cousin had to fight a ticket.
      He is a truck driver but barely speaks English so I had to go with him to translate. That Detroit courthouse was full of some odd characters, lol

  3. I’ve been in a few of these whiteouts – not fun! I hope there were no serious injuries.

  4. Disgraceful winter weather, as usual, and a big reason why I don’t live there and never will. Life is too short.

  5. so glad I stop owning a car long time ago, so much time and money as well as personal safety saved no being on the road full of idiots, more so in the texting age

  6. The trick is to follow behind a slowly moving car. If they fall in a ditch, well you know there’s a ditch there.

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