'Whitewashing History': Tennessee GOP Wants To Ban Lessons On Systemic Racism | All In | MSNBC 1

‘Whitewashing History’: Tennessee GOP Wants To Ban Lessons On Systemic Racism | All In | MSNBC


“This fight against teaching America's racist past has now been integrated into the broader Republican cancel culture, wokeness, moral panic being stoked,” says Chris Hayes on GOP state reps trying to ban critical race theory in schools across the U.S.
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    1. It so was. Apparently, being ignorant fixes everything. Thought no intelligent human ever.

  1. Republicans: We don’t need to teach kids about racism. Slavery was over years ago, get over it.

    Also Republicans: We won’t let you erase our heritage by taking down Confederate monuments!

    1. @Insignificant360
      They were not all built then, but the FU was to Washington who did not want the North missing around with things.

      Funny how you place white supremacy on the whole nation when it was white people who supported the Civil Rights movement.

      Did you know the US hired out notorious gangster Greg Scarpa to help find the bodies of civil rights workers?

    2. @Brødy
      I support the freedom for people to flag whatever flag they want to, especially when that flag has nothing to do with the Confederacy now.

      But I’m sure you have no problem with a Che flag or a BLM flag being one (one is of a mass murderer, the other an organization that hates white people)

  2. “The nation is diversifying even faster than predicted, according to new census data…”

    1. Yeah we might not have the smartest people anymore but we sure have the most races don’t we that means anything

    2. GOPees have been gobbling on their own CC at a very High Rate. Basically, they are Finished.

    3. Which is why the gop is working so hard to keep “White evangelical” control by using voter suppression to rig and control election outcomes to their advantage. By 2030 America will be a majority liberal democrat nation. The population and cultural change is in the numbers to this pendulum swing.
      The events of today with Trumpism /Qanon / regressive efforts to cling to the 1850s / 1950s tribalism in the global 21st century are at their tipping point. Today’s youth who grew up with social networks of all walks of life will come of age and those that came of age in the last century (Reaganism) will be phasing out (dying). Trumpism is the tipping point because it has exposed the lunacy of that cult-group myopic mentality based on lies, hate, prejudices and ignorance

  3. Republicans: Let’s whitewash the entire chapter on slavery because a white girl was upset by facts.

    Math used to traumatise me but nobody proposed it be removed from the cirriculum.

    1. Yeah I imagine math still does traumatized you that’s why they call it common core math now

    1. I know a very good person in Tennessee who has great critical thinking skills. Don’t despair

    2. @Angela Shaw Clark-Westoven
      What about them is hypocritical?
      Do they not conform to your vision of Christianity?

  4. The 3/5ths law was a compromise between the North and South. Southern Slave owning States wanted to count Black Slaves as populace without the Right to Vote, inflating their representation in Congress – otherwise they threatened not to ratify the Constitution. The 3/5ths compromise was put in as a means to soften the Slave holding States deliberate attempt to stack political power in their favor. Your Welcome, “A 50 yr Old Black Man that has Taught Multi Cultural History since 1993”

    1. Usa peoples don’t know nothing about ww2 even they don’t know is usa is at the west or east side of the world that is the problem with USA old peoples they are different but right now don’t ask

    2. And we will never forget WWII, nor the Holocaust, nor Pearl Harbor, nor Murmansk….nor Midway Islands! Forget. Never!

    3. Elaine Burnett I don’t know how old you are but peoples right now don’t ask they don’t know usa right now is a fight for power and nothing more they don’t care about nothing onlyI got the power both sides is sad usa is going down and the world gonna eat usa if we don’t be usa like times before

    1. We need to teach kids to be racist in schools? Evidently you do not know what critical race theory is.

    2. The Republican party needs a refresher course in history, one of them (Rick Santorum) gave a white washed speech on CNN a couple of days ago.

  5. The idea of creating laws to dictate what people can learn is beyond my comprehension. We are so far from being “a free nation” that it’s really very sad and scary… not to mention hypocritical considering how hard we champion democracy and freedom around the world.

    1. You trying to make fun of her, when everything you got and have came from her blood, including speech! Not to bright John!

  6. When I was in school, we only leaned about Martin Luther King and George Washington Carver. I had to find books on everyone’s history.

  7. When American students are denied an honest education, it is not surprising then that it is so hard to reason with brainwashed GOP politicians whom are completely unable to face hard truths about them.

  8. My earliest exposure to the history of slavery was watching a movie called amistad. Yeah, schools were avoiding this part of history too much that i had to learn it from a movie.

  9. This state congresswoman put it absolutely BEAUTIFULLY. Much love and solidarity to her.

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