Who are the Taliban and how did they come to power in Afghanistan? | Just the FAQs 1

Who are the Taliban and how did they come to power in Afghanistan? | Just the FAQs


Taliban means "students" in Pashto, and at one point, leaders of the group were American allies. Here's how the Taliban conquered Afghanistan. RELATED:

WASHINGTON – Taliban fighters marched into Afghanistan's capital city on August 15, signaling a collapse of the Afghan government two decades after the U.S. invaded the country in the "war on terrorism."

The swift fall of the capital city came as the Taliban seized nearly all of Afghanistan, despite the billions of dollars spent by the U.S. and NATO to build up Afghan security forces.

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    1. Soooo we should have stayed and wasted more money?? The whole plan was for Afghans to keep their county safe…they couldn’t do it. So they lost, we didn’t.

    1. @A Z These are not atheists, their ideology is their religion. It is just as strong as any religion and just as maniacal. I am a polytheist…

    2. @Herr Wahnsinn yes I think you are right!! It really is a religion, and comes with all the potential destruction people can cause with any other belief system.

  2. Violent protests and rage in Nepal against USA. Fatema Sumar Global VP of MCC was welcomed in Nepal with black placards, protests and chants of war against USA. US News Media seems unaware of the dangerous situation in Nepal against USA. Nepal is ready to go into war with USA.

  3. After attending Trump University the Taliban were well prepared to attack their own country and prevail; I understand that they agreed to let Trump build 2 hotels in Kabul for getting their leader out of a Pakistani jail and for tying the hands of the Afghan government while they captured the country; a win win for all.

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  5. I think Americans have made it pretty clear across the board that they know very little about the Taliban. Who does USA Today think they’re fooling, trying to teach anyone about Taliban or Afghanistan?

  6. The Taliban actually detained Osama bin Laden for 45days, requesting evidence of his involvement in 9/11 to first, try him under Islamic law internally and 2nd, to extradite to 3rd Country for trial.
    But the US didn’t even bothered to follow international law by providing evidence for extradition. Instead, the US bombed and invaded the country without giving any solid proof of Osama’s involvement, even until today there is no solid proof to show, except the fake video with the gold ring.

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