'Who Cares?': Cuomo Under Fire For Covid Death Data | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC 1

‘Who Cares?’: Cuomo Under Fire For Covid Death Data | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


New York’s Top prosecutor, Letitia James, revealed in a report Governor Cuomo’s administration undercounted nursing home deaths related to Covid-19. A Cuomo aide now admits they covered it up and “froze” fearing a federal investigation. MSNBC’s Ari Melber reports on Cuomo’s response and why the defense sounds “incriminating” and how James is following through on a promise to be independent in searching for the facts. Aired on 02/16/2021.
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'Who Cares?': Cuomo Under Fire For Covid Death Data | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


  1. This sounds like a lesson about telling the truth the first time, rather than trying to distort the truth and then be found out. It’s a good lesson for all politicians to learn and abide by right now,

    1. Politicians don’t take lessons, man. Political Science students do. Be real.
      Even politicians take lessons, they may not have a second chance to practice them….

    2. @choice12ozborne Your cognitive biases is very impressive! Why are you so focus in Governor Cuomo and California’s Governor? You are acting like if Trump’s despicable actions are minor: “This is worse than anything D. Trump ever did because at least with D. Trump we’re not talking about people dying and then trying to cover it”. Really ????????????????????????
      I am amazed at your cognitive biases, your self-blindness, your impaired thinking, sloppy reasoning, highly compartmentalized mind, double standards, hypocrisy….
      D. Trump: “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn’t loose any voters”…He was right about it!

    3. @choice12ozborne Look, this is very easy, the republicans made the virus a political issue and not wearing masks a political statement. This brought about the highest death count of the whole world. But his is just the start, I don’t think there is anyone here naive enough to think republican governors gave the correct statistics.
      Republicans lowered the standard by which we hold our politicians, they won’t raise those standards on their candidates because of their “own/hate the libs” philosophy, they elect people like Marjorie Taylor Greene, by comparison Cuomo is a saint.

    4. Nah no lesson at all .. the big bosses knew all along but now they want cuomo out cause he’s useless so pulled this card out of the little black book to help get him out. It’s called corruption in politics not ethical lessons

  2. Now, how would they have avoided an over count? Die in hospital or die in nursing home? Almost die in nursing home but taken to hospital where at some point died. This is crazy! Stop it!!

  3. Investigate the entire thing, everyone regardless of party affiliation, transparency needs to happen so we can learn from this and do better next time. Full transparency might help with the people not trusting the government.

    1. I believe at this point we should be investigating several more states too, as there had been reports of cover up and inaccurate infection numbers.

  4. That sound bite wasn’t the whole thing but you see what Trump administration does? Now that he lost keys get back to normalcy without the threat of not getting the vaccinations remember Trump said everybody will get it except New York.

  5. The friendly play habitually test because coke inherently murder throughout a maniacal file. sturdy, jobless ceramic

  6. This apparently is a political move by someone within his state’s justice department.Why would he fear upper level when it’s a know fact COVID-19 was handled by the governor of each state. There was no federal mandate from the executive branch. So its time to assignate the man’s character and probe into an investigation over a report of numbers.

  7. You may choose to hide info to raise chickens, but totally unnecessary for people of eagles. Whatever the fact was, is, or will be, takes guts to tell. Respect.

  8. He should be in jail. His policies of putting sick people in nursing homes killed people. There was a hospital ship in the harbor and a large sports center converted that saw almost no use. He blamed Trump when it is local not federal responsible for implementation of policies and treatment of the sick. He failed, but he had help in failing.

  9. Andrew Cuomo went from a possible presidential candidate to a complete joke. Who cares if Andrew Cuomo is now Sandra Lee’s new camera man.

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