Who Does And Who Does Not Need A Covid Booster Shot? 1

Who Does And Who Does Not Need A Covid Booster Shot?


We make sense of the confusion over Covid boosters and who does and who does not need one. MSNBC Health Contributor Dr. Kavita Patel joins to discuss.

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    1. More deaths from this jabby jab in half a year than from ALL jabby jabs combined in the last 30 years.

    2. That’s never gonna happen with the 7k that have died already & over 500k adverse reactions from these death shots..Everyone involved needs to go to jail

    3. approval doesn’t make it safe. they can’t hide the adverse reactions. people are now seeing the horrific effects of the shot

  1. Drug pushing should be frowned upon. Every abuse will return to you threefold. Snake oil salesman.

    1. Fun fact: The United States and New Zealand are the only countries in the world that allow drug manufacturers to market directly to consumers.

      If you are asking your doctor for drugs, doesn’t that make them a drug dealer?

    2. @atheist28403Pharmakia. Most definitely the doctor is a drug dealer. Surgeons on the other hand are mechanics.

    1. @George, Just George Both sides are controlled by the cabal. There are no “real” Democrats or Republicans on capital hill.

    1. @George, Just George Maybe because Brian Williams, a proven, admitted, liar, is featured in this video? ..Not Trump… Not Brian Anderson

  2. If you feel like you should get the booster, just talk to your doctor. Don’t take medical advice from the media or tv doctors, because they don’t know you or your medical history.

    1. @Milli Vanilli I’m absolutely flabbergasted you’re against his statement.. Actual psychosis.

    1. Man stupid is not even the word. They deserve everything the government can shove up their butt hole.

  3. It hasn’t been fully approved because it simply hasn’t been long enough. They’re still finding issues with them. Every time I turn around there’s something else. Now there’s GBS to worry about with j&j. They need to take their time.

  4. No one needs a booster shot but if you want to risk your health with experimental vaccine and make Pfizer stock holders richer by all means do it.

  5. Let’s hope there’ll be more boosters later this year so that we could survive the fall and winter to welcome next spring to see more boosters to survive the coming waves of variants of this virus. What a wonderful world.

  6. If it was truly about health these companies would not have patents on the vaccines. They won’t even release the list of ingredients

  7. She’s from the admin that waited until about 20,000 swine flu deaths before declaring it an emergency.

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