Who Got Next? One-on-One with Dr. Jason Johnson 1

Who Got Next? One-on-One with Dr. Jason Johnson


Dr. Jason Johnson joins Tiffany Cross to discuss President Biden’s remarks on race in America.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Who Got Next? One-on-One with Dr. Jason Johnson


    1. They got tried of your obscene calls now they’re headed to your house. Get your boots on, cowboy.

  1. In case no one else noticed it the campaign picture behind Jason Johnson references the character of Goldie Wilson in Back to the Future (janitor at the soda shop who later becomes mayor).

  2. If it’s not controversial then make something up to make it newsworthy..They have bills to pay, forget the truth..Just Sayin’ !!

  3. You people expect too much, sometimes you just want to be heard u chat rubbish, I’m black so don’t think Biden can fix two hundred years old problems

  4. As a black man, I am sick and tired of seeing interracial couples on tv. Hollywood and everyone else, including many in the black community accept the concept of single parent hood, poor mother, absentee father when it comes to black families but in their portrayal of almost every other family, including interracial families, it’s a “happy couple”. It seems to be no end in the number of ways this country attacks non white skin. Even when they try (half heartedly though) to do good, evil is the result, and the people who were always portray in the media as being violent, uninteligent, ill mannered, and almost less than human, continue to get disrepected and many don’t even see it. Imagine being a child and seeing commercial after commercial of kids playing and having fun with a certain toy. After seeing that commercial enough, even if your parents play with you and have purchased you other toys, your going to want that toy. Now Imagine being a child and the only time you see someone who looks like you on tv who isn’t a criminal, living a drama filled life, or a homosexual, they are with a white person. What conclusions do you think they will come to. Blaxk people have had to deal with this same negative self image and a superior white image shown to them by partially white media through out the history of this nation. It’s feels like we are repeating the worst parts of history again and again and learning nothing from all of the suffering that happened the first time.

  5. As a moderate Dem, this is the worst, “news” program I have seen in a while. Granted, I don’t watch FOX.

    “Give a million dollar grant to study respirations”. So spend a ton of money to decide how to give away a ton of money.

    Complain that in some interracial commercials the husband is white. “It’s not a black man with a white woman”. Well do you know why Professor? Seeing a black man with a white woman is common place. So common place that there have been TV shows where it is black women discussing why so many black men are with white women.

    I am 50 years old and as far as I can recall I have only seen 2 couples where the male was white and the female was black, IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. So, if commercials are reflective of our society this means that it is becoming more socially (not going to use the word acceptable, has been acceptable already) common for a white male to be with a black female.

    But this causes me to question something Jason. If black women complain that black men have left them for white women. Then when a black woman is in a commercial with a white husband, you find it offensive. I think you can see where I’m headed.

  6. Jason…I think Joe Biden is willing to try to understand black people and their struggles. Give him a little time…just a little time. He’ll get on the same page. He wants to do good things.

  7. Brought up in a Democratic home – voted for Schumer twice – but I am done with the Democrats who push racial division 24/7! They are trashing Dr. King’s legacy! His famous ‘I Have a Dream’ speech’…”I dream of a day when my little children will be judged on the content of their character and not the color of their skin.” Critical race theory teaches small children – who don’t even see color differences – to hate people based on whether they are white or black! It is unconscionable what they are doing to the next generation!

  8. It is rebuttal compared to counter argument, not hate or bias, just fact. It is written that six hundred thousand Americans lost their life in the civil war. The real number is important albeit, I might be wrong. My reasoning surrounds reparations that need balance and must bridge the rebuttal. The White man that rejected slavery as wrong have a right to reparations as well as the Black man. That is a lingering verisimilitude in that history. It is very much alive in Trump and his supporters … they will defend what they have with their life.

  9. BIDEN isn’t finished yet! BIDEN is with it! ” Their Selling Soap Man”
    This goes back to his Breakfast Club Chrisening, last year, that was funny

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