Who has the most to lose in first election debate? Mulcair weighs in 1

Who has the most to lose in first election debate? Mulcair weighs in


Former NDP leader Tom Mulcair breaks down the upcoming TVA debate, saying Yves-Francois Blanchet has the most to lose.

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    1. yes yet he had to resign after 2015 election results but Jagmeet had a pass after 2019 results. What a shame!!

    1. Get a dose of reality. You vote ndp in office, it is just trudeau 2.0. Why do you think trudeau has continued to destroy Canada over the past 2 years? The ndp has propped up the liberals time and again. In fact, the ndp are far worse than the liberals. You think a $600B deficit was bad under trudeau? Easily doubled with ndp.

  1. Who has the most to lose? The public if we get stuck with a government formed by any of these corrupt authoritarians.

    1. Unfortunately it is, any other vote besides PC is just a vote for Trudeau. Worry about the other parties after Trudeau is gone and by a hefty margin too

  2. So…if you vote for NDP ,at least half of your vote goes to Liberal as NDP (probably)will form a government with Liberal again if liberal become minor government this election.

  3. After an hour and a half , as yourself what new information you got out of the debate tonight.
    I’m sure you”ll say, “Nothing”, as usual.

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