Who is David Johnston, and why is he Canada’s special rapporteur on election interference?

CTV News' Glen McGregor breaks down the appointment of David Johnston as the special rapporteur to investigate election interference.

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  1. Wow the commissioner of the election debates.
    Great job putting someone who cant tell the difference from an App and a OS as special rapporteur. No doubt this guy wont be able to tell the difference between a legitimate political donation from one being done by an intermediary on behalf of a hostile foreign state.

  2. He is board member of the Trudeau Foundation and long time family friend … washing away misdeeds maybe a forgone conclusion?

  3. He is a long time family friend of trudeau that’s why he was appointed. But the way you reported it I am guessing you are on trudeau side

  4. The guy was in charge of the election debates, do you really think he’ll say the process is flawed? We need a public inquiry.

  5. Personally I don’t think there has EVER been a MORE hated disliked Prime Minister in Canadian History
    Polls show it!!!!

  6. So on the Trudeau foundation website it lists him as a member, bit of a conflict there isn’t it

  7. hopefully this rapporteur decides to call a public inquiry because there are to many unanswered questions , he will find out that most of the information he will have access to will be redacted and wont be able to complete the investigation , that will be a given .

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