Who Is ISIS-K And How Did The U.S. Know To Expect Their Attack? 1

Who Is ISIS-K And How Did The U.S. Know To Expect Their Attack?


Laith Alkhouri, counterterrorism analyst, talks with Rachel Maddow about the origins of ISIS-K, how the U.S. gathers intelligence about them, and the complex enmity between ISIS-K and the Taliban in Afghanistan. 
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  1. The Taliban is like the dog who spent years chasing cars and finally succeeded. Now what to do with ISIS on one side and freedom loving Afghan citizens on the other.

    1. @Rumpled Trumpskin I’d give up on exchanging with Farris if I were you. His default go-to position in any exchange I’ve seen is pretty much the same : ‘I’m an Afghanistan vet who knows it all; you aren’t so you’re not entitled to give an opinion or state facts that go against my beliefs’.
      All the while posting vapid comments with little or no backup.

    2. @Rumpled Trumpskin
      your not there anymore …
      it’s their country, why don’t they stay, they had the best equiped f army, to protect them…
      This is not Joe Biddens fault …it’s their own where’s their ARMY…

  2. How did the US know to expect an attack? Everyone who knows anything knew there were going to be attacks. We also know there will be more. American Troops will probably be in a running gun battle as they board planes to leave.

    1. @Just Say’n ​ If one wishes they can Google “who is president today” and surprise, it isn’t Trump.

  3. Oh geez, that just about *broke my* 🧠 when Rachel asked/suggested that we might *WORK WITH THE TALIBAN TO HUNT DOWN ISIS-K to make them pay for what they did to us😵.* Nope. Not ever.😣😠

    1. @Eric Carteros Your WH should be painted red with the blood of the MARINES who just copped it because of their incompetance.

    2. Buddy, that’s what the US has been doing. You don’t know that we’ve allied with the Taliban to fight ISIS? You don’t know the US is allied with Al-Qaeda in Syria to overthrow Assad? Welcome to reality.

  4. . MEDIA , if you really want to “pull the curtain back” then you need to
    go back to the Reagan/Thatcher era when the USA/UK
    mobalised/armed/financed the Taliban in Pakistan /Afghanistan and sent
    them into Afghanistan to fight the Russian soldiers there – indeed YOU
    labled them as Freedom Fighters (included Bin Laden!) . . indeed your
    “short memory” is the reason folks call you “fake news” . .

  5. This was expected , and normally forces would have pushed back the perimeter to reduce the proximity of civilians and troops , the biggest concern for commanders on the ground is that they had to rely on the Taliban as the outside first level of defence ? hundreds of civilians that virtually all look a like, any bomber would simply just join the throng and blend in , so easy , made more easy by The Taliban who are more concerned in collecting bribes to pass, than actual physical security and who actually share a common enemy with ISIS , note the security wing of the Taliban is headed by Khalil Ur-Rahman Haqqani who has a $5m bounty on his head and who now appears as the fox, guarding the hen house ! after telling the people they have nothing to fear, which the UN begs to differ .

    1. @Daisy Mae
      before Ike, Geo Washington said “..beware standing armies..” he was against a permanant military, and he was our first greatest General..he was for “calling up a well organized militia” hence, the 2nd Amm.
      Those” trapped Americans” in Afghanistan were tax dolla-titty suckers, who couldn’t pry themselves away back in APRIL when they were told to LEAVE. I’m torn on caring a whit about them, for that reason..but, mostly I’m ashamed at what the US has become.
      “Kakistocracy : ruled by the least fit incompetents available, to facilitate the looting of a Nation.”
      we’re that, now.

    2. @Brian Jennings oh please, I’m not as ignorant as you might think. The United States is one of the least lawful societies in the developed world, and that the bulletproof bullies who scream about “law and order” are typically society’s most committed enablers of criminality and corruption.

    3. @Brian Jennings so you think its ok to leave 40000 americans there so they can DIE and also leave $85 billion in military equipment so you think thats a good thing

    4. @KennyandSara Dechmerowski Both the United States and the then Soviet Union were involved in Afghanistan during the “Cold War.” Both used infrastructure investment and military funding in attempts to gain footholds there.

      U.S. involvement waned during the late 1980s into the 1990s, but ramped up dramatically post nine-eleven when former American president, George W. Bush launched an invasion of Afghanistan ( the nation justifiably dubbed, “The Graveyard Of Empires”). Bush–not Clinton, nor any other predecessor– truly cast the die that ineluctably led to the present reality. (Yes, in 1998, Bill Clinton ordered missile strikes on Afghanistan and Sudan in retaliation for bombing attacks upon U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, but those two strikes pale in comparison to W. Bush’s invasion of Afghanistan.

  6. Just quit giving traitors like McMasters airtime without pushback and you’ll be fine. Let that protagonist go unchallenged using your network like you have no spine and he will use it like a Trump victory rally. This must not happen again. He’s a military contractor building a multi million dollar career off his “supposed” stellar career. McMasters is a disgrace.

    1. Still talking about Trump when he hasn’t been in office for 6 months. You sir have a problem. Get on some meds. Your obsession is unhealthy.

    2. So ironic coming from the people still talking about Obama when he hasn’t been in office for 6 YEARS. Spare us all your nonsense.

    3. mcMaster should have stood up to the disgraced trump, when he had a chance. Not while he’s trying to build a business off of these terrorists!!!!!!!!

    4. @Donald Pump It’s because trump is the taliban, he is isis, he is a terrorist to this country!

  7. Kinda sounds like gangs instead of fighting the cops, fighting among themselves.
    In simple English we got the Taliban,the northern alliance and now the isis-k trying to take over Afghanistan,and fun fact nobody like each other.

    1. Another opportunity to blame the World’s problems on Democrats – don’t be surprised if the PTB figure out a way to include Women too.👎👎😝

  8. I’m pretty sure I’ve been hearing things like “death to America” since I was a kid. I’m fifty now. Yeah, we knew they would attack.

  9. Well I guess trump didn’t vanquish the ISIS fighters . Apparently they have been operating in Afghanistan for At least 6 years

    1. And it took a democrat to do it. Just like now pulling out of Afghanistan. The republicons had neither the brains or the will . Sure trump made Deal to leave but never made any plans to do so.

  10. Maybe we solve a couple problems by sending these militia clowns over to fight isis-k so they can “keep their oaths” for real instead of disrupting America.

  11. Just like in Iraq when the war was wrapping up and US was withdrawing some thing called Isis the most brutal group appeared out of no where, more brutal then Saddam! similarly just as the war in Afganistan wrapping up and US is withdrawing the Isis Part2 “K” appears out of no where, more brutal then Taleban! Humm… Either way there must be an enemy and war must go on to prosper maga wepon industry. See who is Really benefiting with all this.

    “Show me who makes a profit from war, and I’ll show you how to stop the war.”
    – Henry Ford

  12. Wouldnt it be hilarious is in a few years ISIS became such a problem for the Taliban that they had to get help from the US to fight them?

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