1. @grant omalley

      Skam-ala Harris is … Anglo-Indian
      (50% East Indian and 38% White).

      About a year or so ago … Harris suddenly
      “remembered” that … she had a “black”
      ancestor …somewhere down-the-line
      (whom she had never once mentioned
      in the +35 years of her political career).

      So NOW … Harris … is attempting to
      win ‘White-Liberal Sympathy-Votes” …
      by exploiting her LESS-THAN 12% (and
      completely-invisible) “black” lineage
      … by falsely-calling herself “black”.


      The Black and Latino people in the U.S.
      literally #HateHarris (because she so
      severely persecuted the law-abiding
      ones in California) — and she knew
      that she could not get their votes —
      and decided to try the “Obama Angle”
      and target the “Liberal Sympathy-Votes”.

      Lol … her entire family (and her DNA)
      have revealed the fact that HARRIS IS
      ANGLO-INDIAN and she is NOT BLACK.

    2. @grant omalley

      She’s 50% East Indian
      and 38% European.

      That means that Harris is
      Ango-Indian … Not black

      Skam-ala Harris’s mom hails from
      (a Hindu-Brahmin family in) India
      and her dad hails from (a Plantation
      Slave-Owning family in) Jamaica.

      Harris is … a 50% + 35% Mixed-Race
      ” Anglo-Indian “(i.e. White + Indian) —
      — AND — Harris is also a — a 100%
      Total Phony And Complete Fraud.

    1. @Bobby B
      Nice try! A judge has ordered Trembling Con Don Chump to take a DAN test in the case of a defamation lawsuit he is accused of. The victim that he sexually assaulted kept the dress she was wearing when she was savagely raped. It still has on it the stain of Trembling Con Don Chump’s dirty semen.

    2. Democrats are allowed to lie …cheat in elections …pay for fake russian dossiers etc …when they say no one is above the law …they are talking about themselves !

  1. The fact that this came out about 5 minutes after Joe Biden announced means that they had several of these in the can already.

    1. @Baron Von Lichtenstein That’s exactly why they leaked it. They also had a canned photo of Joe Biden’s notebook with hilariously scripted notes about Kamala Harris at the top.

    2. Aidan Sunbury, They’re journalists. They know how to find and interview people. They’d probably done the same for the other people on Joe Biden’s short list.

    1. @Leon thecat maybe our wires got crossed. I’ve got your back. I’m not saying Joe is a racist by any means. There is a lot going on down this thread.

    2. @Gary you should really appreciate this one; “I’m a tremendously stable genius with an IQ of 750….. thousand.”

  2. I just wanna see her debate mike pence. That will be one interesting debate to say the least.

    1. @Big Mike A catchphrase for ignoramuses coined by an ignoramus in search of a meaning in the real world, Ivan…
      I have two words for you…Pathos

    2. @Jared R It may be boring to all the racists, but it will be an observation not an accusation. The real bores are all the Trumptards who claim that Trump and Pence are not racists, when we ALL KNOW OTHERWISE.

  3. hahahaha CNN creating narratives again… hahaha You forgot to mention a few vital details about her contribution to free prison black labour, holding vital information about innocent victims, forced to hand over details by the courts… I mean this woman broke the law a few times over a normal civilian would have been out in jail for life. Lets talk about her extremist views?!? She is after power period hahaha CNN good try

    1. @Helder Pina You are sooo pathetic. Ivan…
      Trump is endorsed and supported by the Klan and the Nazis.
      Nothing more needs to be said.
      You lose.

    2. Ladies! Ladies! Donnie Dumbass and Chlamydia Harris are both vile and monstrous symptoms of the corporatism plaguing the US.

    1. Yep their manipulation of the public opinion is too damn obvious. Anybody who trusts this news channel is a complete idiot.

    2. @maxim guerassimov exactly why I’m not much of a voter, that and because both Parties are not so great.

    3. Vislow, Are you joking? That syrupy job CNN did for Dumb Donald Treasonous Trump when HE was a candidate, insanely made a false equivalence between the wonderful accolades Hillary Clinton received in college and law school and what far inferior Trump had done -which was pretty much NOTHING. CNN even had a punchy, strong beat in music to make Trump’s more exciting than the relatively dull one they did for Hillary. It was disgusting.

  4. Funny , I’ve looked all over CNN to find ANY coverage of the murder of Cannon Hinnant , a five year old child, by Darius Sessoms a few days ago….I wonder why I can’t find anything???

    1. CKM really sheeple most unoriginal insult of your generation. Also your bitching about it on a news channel you already know is targeted at dems same way Fox News is targeted at republicans. If you feel the need to spend all day bitching like an emo teenager On the internet about something you already know you don’t like I wish you the best of luck in life

    2. Anonymous Random whatever, that’s all you are , anonymous and random, like every other leftist in this country….not worth a tinker’s damn….useless air wasters

    3. @Anonymous Random You don’t agree that when a grown man executes a little boy in front of his own home, in front of his two little sister’s, it should be national news? Is there a bigger or “more important” story they could be covering without a single mention of this tragedy? Are you so callous you don’t see this hypocrisy?

  5. Whenever she talks I never get any good vibes from her…..To me it feels like it’s all an act, a total fake . Her past is very sketchy and She is not likable and credible at all

    1. She was a Prosecutor, the total opposite of everything we want, she’s ruined many lives….. and her fathers side comes from a plantation owner with over 100 slaves.

    2. Paris M everything you said is true. She was at 2% when she dropped out the race. All that matters to dem party is her race and sex. That’s it. That’s how shallow and desperate they are. It says a lot about their supporters as well.

  6. Really cnn… nothing on Willie Brown? She was his sugar baby and helped her move up in politics..

    1. Two appointments, one was $70,000 a year, the other was $90,000 a year. Both appointments at the same time. Read that horizontal kamala took a leave of absence from the state job she already had. Talk about screwed up politics or is that just “screwed” politics. Couldn’t imagine using that with ole Creepy joe.

  7. The demidiots burned and threw out the smartest and brightest they had – Tulsi Gabbard who demolished Harris.

    1. @Poorvi vijay There is nothing wrong with calling out what Obama has done that is corrupt, we are supposed to hold our leaders accountable. She is trying to reform the democratic party from within, which I don’t agree with. I think their corruption is irreversable and we need a different party for 2024 election.

    2. @The Wellness Process I totally agree Its just that I expected someone who is a democrat to bring others up and not push each other down, Now I am not a republican but I do respect there standards and representatives unlike some other democrats or republicans 🙂

    3. @sara lincoln you think she could stay in the military if she was in Russia’s pocket. good luck with the second serving of turd sandwich, maybe it will work better this time eh?

    4. @worldlyviewer the moment bernie hired a pakistani guy for his campaign….
      As an India, i swear, i knew that this was the end of bernie sanders….
      There is a reason we indians call pakistanis as “Panauti” i.e. Badluck charm

    1. RIGHT!? Kamala: I believe Tara Reade…but I also support a sexual offender…WTF!? These people have no principles…we need to get them out of office!

  8. “One thing about Kamala is she is consistent” except if we are referring to Biden being a racist, then she’s fairly inconsistent

  9. Propaganda Network trying desperately to elevate Harris. We all remember Tulsi demolish her on the debate stage.





      ‘ONE-DROP RULE’ IN 1967.

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